Chapter 15.54


15.54.010    Permit required.

15.54.020    Application forms.

15.54.030    Review.

15.54.040    Bonding.

15.54.050    Liability.

15.54.060    Exemptions.

15.54.070    Penalties.

15.54.010 Permit required.

It is unlawful to grub, clear, grade, fill, excavate, quarry, mine and/or stockpile soil on any property within the City of Sunnyside or improve or develop any such property without an erosion and sedimentation control permit. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.020 Application forms.

Application for erosion and sedimentation permits shall include the following:

A. The name and address of the applicant.

B. The legal description of the property to which the application relates.

C. The name and address of the owner or owners of said property.

D. A general description of the land alteration, construction or other activity contemplated.

E. A proposed erosion and sediment control plan in conformity with the “City of Sunnyside Guide to Developer Extension for Erosion and Sediment Control” on file with the City Clerk and by this reference incorporated herein.

F. Such other information as the Public Works Director may require.

G. Consent, by or on behalf of the owner or owners of the property, to entry upon the property by the Public Works Director or his authorized agent during the period of installation of erosion and sedimentation facilities for purposes of inspection. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.030 Review.

The Director of Public Works shall review the applications and plans submitted. The plans shall provide for:

A. Stabilization of denuded areas.

B. Protection and stabilization of soil stockpiles.

C. Permanent soil stabilization.

D. Permanent revegetation of denuded areas.

E. Protection of adjacent properties from erosion and/or sedimentation.

F. Adequate sediment trapping measures and sedimentation basins.

G. Acceptable cut and fill design to minimize erosion.

H. Storm water management.

I. Interim development of erosion and sediment controls.

J. Insured controlled vehicular ingress and egress during construction to prevent disruption of soil.

K. Control of construction material stockpiling and refuse storage.

L. Control of cement washdown to prevent entry into drainage systems.

M. Assurances for continuing maintenance of erosion and sedimentation facilities. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.040 Bonding.

The Director of Public Works shall require the applicant to post adequate security in the form of cash bond or other approved form, in an amount sufficient to assure compliance with the terms of the approved erosion and sediment control permit. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.050 Liability.

The City, by this chapter, has undertaken to protect the public health and safety and maintain environmental quality by imposing only minimum standards for the control of soil erosion and water sedimentation. By this chapter the City has not assumed the responsibility to any particular individual or entity for protecting persons or property from injury or damage caused by erosion and sedimentations, and the City therefore does not by this enactment assume any liability for the actions or inactions of its officers, employees, or agents in the application and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.060 Exemptions.

The following activities and types of projects are exempted from compliance with the requirements of this chapter:

A. Routine agricultural activities such as plowing, harrowing, disking, ridging, listing, leveling, draining, and similar operations to prepare a field or crop.

B. Cemetery graves.

C. An excavation or fill of less than 50 cubic yards of material and which does not create a cut or fill slope greater than five feet in height.

D. Routine landscape maintenance and minor repair.

E. Emergency situations involving immediate danger to persons or property or substantial fire hazards, including removal of seriously diseased vegetation or trees.

F. Site work associated with a building permit for a single-family residence construction. [Ord. 1630, 1988.]

15.54.070 Penalties.

Any one violating or failing to comply with the provisions of this chapter or any lawful written order of the Director of Public Works issued under or pursuant to the authority of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. [Ord. 1675 § 5, 1989; Ord. 1630, 1988.]