Chapter 17.60


17.60.010    Purpose.

17.60.020    Permitted uses.

17.60.040    Dimensional standards.

17.60.050    Yards.

17.60.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this zone is to provide areas for major manufacturing assembly and processing plants where railroad facilities are available and industrial sewerage treatment is available through the port facilities. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-12, 1980.]

17.60.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the M-2 zone:

A. Any use permitted in the M-1, Light Industrial zone, excepting the B-2, General Commercial uses;

B. Animal and livestock auctions;

C. Asphalt manufacturing or refining;

D. Foundries and metal fabrication plants using plate and structural shapes;

E. Insulation material manufacture and sales;

F. Lumber sawmills;

G. Those special property uses permitted in the M-2 zone as specified in SMC 17.64.020;

H. On-site hazardous waste treatment and storage as an accessory use to any activity generating hazardous waste and lawfully allowed in this zone; provided, that such facilities meet the State siting criteria adopted pursuant to the requirements of RCW 70.105.210. [Ord. 1628 § 5, 1988; Ord. 1272 § 17-3-12.1, 1980.]

17.60.040 Dimensional standards.

Standards shall be the same as in the M-1 zone, SMC 17.56.040. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-12.3, 1980.]

17.60.050 Yards.

Yard areas shall be the same as in the M-1 zone, SMC 17.56.050. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-12.4, 1980.]