Chapter 17.63


17.63.010    Purpose.

17.63.020    Permitted uses.

17.63.030    Dimensional standards.

17.63.040    Yards.

17.63.050    Parking and loading.

17.63.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the P-F Public Facilities zone is to provide for the location and establishment of facilities which, under public franchise, ownership, or private enterprises operating for the public convenience or necessity, provide public services such as electricity, gas, communication, transportation, water, sewage treatment, education, religious activities and other public assembly, cultural facilities, parks and other public properties which utilize relatively large tracts of land. This zone is intended to reduce the effect which the location of these facilities may have upon zoning allocations for residential, commercial or industrial areas within the City. Because of the governmental and educational service issues served, the intent of this chapter is to allow each governmental and educational entity to select properties they each identify as serving their respective needs, and then to request P-F zoning for such properties, all subject to City procedures regarding such zoning. [Ord. 2097 § 1, 2005.]

17.63.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the P-F zone:

A. Municipal and governmental uses, functions, facilities, utilities and infrastructure, including but not limited to: highways, streets, sidewalks, public parking lots, and public rights-of-way; electric transmission rights-of-way; gas pipeline and gas utilities rights-of-way; water pipeline and water utilities rights-of-way; irrigation utility systems and rights-of-way; water pressure control stations and pumping facilities; offices and buildings for water and irrigation utilities; sewer pipeline and sewer utilities rights-of-way; storm drainage utility systems and rights-of-way.

B. Offices and buildings for sewer, gas and electric utilities.

C. Governmental services.

D. Nursery schools, primary and secondary education facilities, uses and functions.

E. University, college, junior college and professional school education facilities, uses and functions.

F. Educational facilities, uses and functions for special training or schooling.

G. Cultural activities, public parks, public recreational areas, nature exhibits. [Ord. 2097 § 1, 2005.]

17.63.030 Dimensional standards.

Dimensional standards for the P-F zone are:

A. Maximum lot area: no minimum lot size for nonresidential uses.

B. Minimum width: no minimum lot width for nonresidential uses.

C. Maximum building height: 45 feet for all uses.

D. Maximum land coverage: no limitation.

E. Minimum floor area: no required minimum for nonresidential uses. [Ord. 2097 § 1, 2005.]

17.63.040 Yards.

Yards and required setbacks will be determined and approved by the City for each development through site-plan procedure. The site plan will be prepared and submitted by the developer and approved by the City prior to construction in accordance with development procedures and applicable codes of the City. [Ord. 2097 § 1, 2005.]

17.63.050 Parking and loading.

Parking and loading areas shall comply with applicable codes and are subject to approval by the City pursuant to site-plan review and permitting processes. [Ord. 2097 § 1, 2005.]