Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Requirements.

1.12.020    Annual bids.

*    For statutory provisions regarding the designation of an official newspaper, see RCW 35.24.220.
Prior ordinance history: Ord. 5.

1.12.010 Requirements.

The city council shall designate an official newspaper by resolution. The newspaper shall be of a general circulation in the city and have the qualifications prescribed by Chapter 65.16 RCW, as amended. The resolution required by this section shall be made annually. (Ord. 87-3 § 1, 1987).

1.12.020 Annual bids.

The official newspaper shall be that newspaper which meets the requirements set forth in TMC 1.12.010, and to which is awarded the bid annually for publication of official notices which the city is required to publish. (Ord. 87-3 § 1, 1987).