Chapter 1.26


1.26.010    Crime prevention assessment required.

1.26.010 Crime prevention assessment required.

Any person who has been charged with a criminal gross misdemeanor or a misdemeanor and who is convicted thereof in the Toppenish municipal court or who, in lieu of conviction shall stipulate to the officer’s incident report and comply with other conditions set by the court in order to have the charge against him or her dismissed or reduced to a lesser crime or an infraction, shall be assessed $85.00. This assessment shall be in addition to all other costs and assessment imposed by the court, such as the court costs, the court-appointed attorney fee and the interpreter fee. Subject to the disposition of said assessment as required by RCW 3.50.100, as amended, the assessment shall be distributed as follows: $50.00 to the crime prevention assessment account, and $35.00 to the special investigative drug account; to be used for police and court functions as provided by law, including but not limited to confidential expenditures for law enforcement undercover operations, salaries, equipment, and supplies. (Ord. 2000-6 § 1, 2000; Ord. 96-1 § 1, 1996; Ord. 94-25 § 1, 1994; Ord. 92-27 § 1, 1992; Ord. 89-2 § 1, 1989).