Chapter 3.03


3.03.010    Reserved.

3.03.020    Reserved.

3.03.030    Reserved.

3.03.040    Decrease, revocation, recall and reappropriation of funds.

3.03.050    Transfers within a fund.

3.03.060    Transfers from insolvent funds.

3.03.070    Expenditures authorized.

3.03.080    Title not exclusive.

3.03.010 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.020 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.030 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.040 Decrease, revocation, recall and reappropriation of funds.

The city council, upon a finding that it is to the best interests of the city of Toppenish to decrease, revoke or recall all or any portion of the total appropriations provided for any one fund, may, by ordinance, approved by the vote of one more than the majority of all members thereof, stating the facts and findings for doing so, decrease, revoke or recall all or any portion of an unexpended fund balance, and by such ordinance, or a subsequent ordinance adopted by a like majority. The moneys thus released may be reappropriated for another purpose or purposes, without limitation to department or fund, unless the use of such moneys is otherwise restricted by law. See RCW 35A.33.120. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.050 Transfers within a fund.

Transfers between individual appropriations within any one fund may be made during any current fiscal year in the manner authorized by the Toppenish city manager. See RCW 35A.33.120. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.060 Transfers from insolvent funds.

Transfers from any insolvent fund shall be by warrant. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.070 Expenditures authorized.

Expenditures for the purposes of the funds created by this title may be made from the respective funds created therefor in accordance with the provisions of this title, unless otherwise prohibited by state law, regulations of the Division of Municipal Corporations of the Office of the State Auditor, or ordinances or resolutions of the Toppenish city council. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.03.080 Title not exclusive.

The Toppenish city council may, by ordinance, create funds in addition to those codified in this title. To the extent that the provisions of this title may conflict with the provisions of any ordinance under which a fund is created, the provisions of the ordinance under which the fund is created shall prevail. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).