Chapter 3.17


3.17.010    Reserved.

3.17.020    Reserved.

3.17.030    Reserved.

3.17.040    Transfers to and from internal service funds.

3.17.050    Vehicle replacement fund.

3.17.010 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.17.020 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.17.030 Reserved.

(Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.17.040 Transfers to and from internal service funds.

Unless otherwise prohibited by state law, regulations of the Division of Municipal Corporations of the Office of the State Auditor, the Toppenish Municipal Code, or other ordinances or resolutions of the Toppenish city council, transfers may be made to an internal service fund established by this chapter from budgeted appropriations in any city fund or from an internal service fund by order of the city manager or the city treasurer for the purposes of such approved appropriations. (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).

3.17.050 Vehicle replacement fund.

There is created and established a vehicle replacement fund. The “vehicle replacement fund” shall be used as a revolving fund to be expended for replacement and purchase of equipment, and for the purchase of equipment, materials, and supplies to be used in the administration and operation of the fund.

A. Moneys in each fund shall be retained there from year to year so long as the city council desires to do so.

B. The Toppenish public works department shall administer the equipment replacement fund under the supervision of the city manager and city treasurer. See RCW 35.21.088 and 35A.37.010(4). (Ord. 2005-2 § 1, 2005).