Chapter 5.10


5.10.010    License – Required.

5.10.020    Fees – Conditions upon issuance.

5.10.030    Conditions required for operation.

5.10.040    Violation – Penalty.

5.10.010 License – Required.

No person, firm or corporation shall conduct, operate or manage any circus, carnival or fair for profit or gain, without first having obtained a license therefor as hereinafter provided. The license hereinafter provided is in lieu of the general business license required under Chapter 5.01 TMC, and shall be applied for and obtained by only the person, firm or corporation actually conducting, operating or managing any circus, carnival or fair for profit or gain, and the license shall not be applied for by or issued to any nonprofit or charitable organization which may have contracted with the operator of such event as a sponsor thereof. (Ord. 2019-01 § 11, 2019; Ord. 2004-5 § 1, 2004).

5.10.020 Fees – Conditions upon issuance.

Such license may be granted by the city clerk upon payment of an investigation fee established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time, and the payment of a fee as provided in TMC 5.01.120(C); provided, that before any such license is granted, the city clerk may require such showing as she deems proper, and such license may be granted upon any conditions deemed best for the safety and welfare of the citizens of Toppenish, including the requirement of furnishing evidence of an adequate policy of public liability insurance with limits as recommended by the risk manager for the city. (Ord. 2019-01 § 12, 2019; Ord. 2017-01 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2004-5 § 1, 2004).

5.10.030 Conditions required for operation.

It shall be the duty of every person operating or managing such circus, carnival or fair to comply with all conditions upon which any such license as herein provided is granted, and to obey all other laws, ordinances, rules and regulations which are applicable. Also, it shall be the duty of every such person to furnish and make available adequate and sanitary drinking water and toilet and refuse facilities for its employees and the public, and to leave the grounds clean and restored to their original condition after the circus, carnival or fair is completed. (Ord. 2004-5 § 1, 2004).

5.10.040 Violation – Penalty.

Failure to perform any act required by this chapter, or the performance of any act prohibited by this chapter, is designated as an infraction and may not be classified as a criminal offense. Any person, firm or corporation found to have committed an infraction under this chapter shall be assessed a monetary penalty. No penalty assessed for infractions under this chapter may exceed $500.00 for each separate infraction. (Ord. 2004-5 § 1, 2004).