Chapter 5.55


5.55.010    Definitions.

5.55.020    Restrictions upon advertising car washes – Signboards.

5.55.030    Permit required.

5.55.040    Permeable surface requirement.

5.55.050    Biodegradable soaps required.

5.55.060    Safety required.

5.55.070    Business license required.

5.55.080    Violation – Penalty.

5.55.010 Definitions.

“Noncommercial car wash” means any car wash activity performed by a fund-raising group in consideration for a donation of money that will be used to support a cause other than private gain. Common examples include but are not limited to car washes by students to raise funds for school activities and car washes by church groups to raise money for charitable activities.

“Sign” means an advertisement for the purpose of attracting public attention or patronage to a car wash. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.020 Restrictions upon advertising car washes – Signboards.

A. It shall be unlawful for any person who conducts a car wash to advertise it by posting, placing, or in any manner displaying a sign on any utility pole or on any traffic sign or water hydrant or upon property owned by the city, or placing or manually holding a sign within any public right-of-way (street or sidewalk) except as hereafter provided.

B. It shall be lawful for any persons conducting a permitted car wash to place signs on the signboards owned by the city located at Pioneer Park, the regional library, the RV dump site, and near the office of the parks and recreation department. All signs must be on paper tacked or taped to the signboard. They must state the address and the dates of the car wash, and must be removed within 12 hours after the last date of the car wash. Such signs on the city signboards shall be no larger than eight and one-half inches by 11 inches. Duplicate signs on the same signboard are not permitted. City personnel are authorized and directed to remove and destroy any such sign that remains posted longer than the allowed period. A summary of this section shall be posted on each signboard. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.030 Permit required.

No car wash may be conducted without a valid permit previously issued by the city. No permit may be issued except after written application has been submitted to the city at least five business days prior to the event, which shall include the true name of the applicant, the date(s) and proposed location of the car wash, and the intended use of funds generated by the car wash. No fee shall be charged for the application or the permit. All permits shall be issued in writing on a form that includes, in English and in Spanish, a notice that signs advertising the car wash shall not be attached to any utility pole or placed or manually held within any public right-of-way (street or sidewalk), or on any traffic sign or water hydrant, and that all such signs must be removed within 12 hours after the last day of the permitted car wash. The form of the permit issued by the city must list some examples of commonly available biodegradable soaps and cleaning agents that may be used, and shall also give notice of the maximum penalty for each violation of the ordinance set forth in this chapter. A copy of this chapter shall be attached to each permit. Said permit must be conspicuously displayed at the car wash site at all times during the car wash event. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.040 Permeable surface requirement.

Permitted noncommercial car washes must be conducted on a surface such as grass or any other surface where the runoff water will seep into the ground or will not enter the city of Toppenish sewer or storm drain system. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.050 Biodegradable soaps required.

Only biodegradable soaps or other cleaning agents are permitted to be used for noncommercial car washes. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.060 Safety required.

Permitted noncommercial car washes must be conducted in a safe manner without soliciting patrons by walking onto streets or otherwise posing a hazard to passing motorists. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.070 Business license required.

Car washes that will be conducted for private gain may only be conducted if a city business license has previously been issued pursuant to Chapter 5.01 TMC. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).

5.55.080 Violation – Penalty.

Failure to perform any act required by this chapter, or the performance of any act prohibited by this chapter, is designated as an infraction and may not be classified as a criminal offense. Any person, firm or corporation found to have committed an infraction under this chapter shall be assessed a monetary penalty. No penalty assessed for infractions under this chapter may exceed $500.00 for each separate infraction. (Ord. 2010-15, 2010).