Chapter 9.05


9.05.010    Statutory provisions – Adopted by reference – Scope.

9.05.030    Domestic violence statutes – Adopted by reference.

9.05.040    Disobedience of anti-harassment order.

9.05.050    Violation of anti-harassment order – Penalty.

9.05.060    Power of arrest – State statutes relating to – Adopted by reference.

9.05.070    Classification of offenses.

9.05.080    Statutory provisions – Amendments of changes included.

9.05.090    Filing of provisions for public examination.

9.05.010 Statutory provisions – Adopted by reference – Scope.

The following statutes are adopted by reference as and for a portion of the criminal ordinance of this city as if set forth in full in this chapter, with the exception of the penalty provisions thereof which are superseded by the penalty provisions of this chapter as set forth in TMC 9.05.070. Any reference to felonies or classification of felonies shall refer to the statutes of the state of Washington for definition and prosecution.

Abandoned Refrigerator Equipment


9.03.010    Abandoning, discarding refrigeration equipment.

9.03.020    Permitting unused equipment to remain on premises.

9.03.040    Keeping or storing equipment for sale.



9.08.065    Definitions.

9.08.070    Pet animals – Taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc.



9.12.010    Barratry.

9.12.020    Buying, demanding or promising reward by district judge or deputy.

Bidding Offenses


9.18.080    Offender a competent witness.

9.18.120    Suppression of competitive bidding.

9.18.130    Collusion to prevent competitive bidding.

9.18.150    Agreements outside state.

Interference with Court


9.27.015    Interference, obstruction of any court, building, or residence – Violations.

False Representations


9.38.010    False representation concerning credit.

9.38.020    False representation concerning title.

Fire, Crimes Relating To


9.40.040    Operating engine or boiler without spark arrester.

9.40.100    Tampering with fire alarm or fire fighting equipment – False alarm – Penalties.

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons


9.41.010    Terms defined.

9.41.050    Carrying firearms.

9.41.060    Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.

9.41.098    Forfeiture of firearms – Disposition – Confiscation.

9.41.230    Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons.

9.41.240    Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.

9.41.250    Dangerous weapons – Penalty.

9.41.260    Dangerous exhibitions.

9.41.270    Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm – Unlawful carrying or handling – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.41.280    Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.41.300    Weapons prohibited in certain places.

9.41.800    Surrender of weapons or licenses – Prohibition on future possession or licensing.

9.41.810    Penalty.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes


9.47A.010    Definition.

9.47A.030    Possession of certain substances prohibited, when.

9.47A.040    Sale of certain substances prohibited.

9.47A.050    Penalty.

Juries, Crimes Relating To


9.51.010    Misconduct of officer drawing jury.

9.51.020    Soliciting jury duty.

9.51.030    Misconduct of officer in charge of jury.

Malicious Prosecution – Abuse of Process


9.62.010    Malicious prosecution.

9.62.020    Instituting suit in name of another.

Sexual Exploitation of Children


9.68A.001    Legislative finding.

9.68A.011    Definitions.

9.68A.080    Reporting of depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct – Civil immunity.

9.68A.090    Communication with minor for immoral purposes.

9.68A.110    Certain defenses barred, permitted.

9.68A.120    Seizure and forfeiture of property.

9.68A.140    Definitions.

9.68A.150    Allowing minor on premises of live erotic performance.

9.68A.160    Penalty.

Duty of Witnesses


9.69.100    Duty of witness of offense against child or any violent offense – Penalty.

Preliminary Article


9A.04.020    Purposes – Principles of construction.

9A.04.030    State criminal jurisdiction.

9A.04.050    People capable of committing crimes – Capability of child.

9A.04.060    Common law to supplement statutes.

9A.04.070    Who amenable to criminal statutes.

9A.04.080    Limitation of actions.

9A.04.090    Application of general provisions of the code.

9A.04.100    Proof beyond reasonable doubt.

9A.04.110    Definitions.

Principles of Liability


9A.08.010    General requirements of culpability.

9A.08.020    Liability for conduct of another – Complicity.

9A.08.030    Corporate and personal liability.

9A.12.010    Insanity.



9A.16.010    Defenses – Definitions.

9A.16.020    Use of force – When lawful.

9A.16.060    Duress.

9A.16.070    Entrapment.

9A.16.080    Action for being detained on store premises for investigation – “Reasonable grounds” as defense.

9A.16.090    Intoxication.

9A.16.100    Use of force on children.

Anticipatory Offenses


9A.28.020    Criminal attempt.

9A.28.030    Criminal solicitation.

9A.28.040    Criminal conspiracy.



9A.36.041    Assault in the fourth degree.

9A.36.050    Reckless endangerment.

9A.36.070    Coercion.

9A.36.150    Interference with the reporting of domestic violence.

Custodial Interference


9A.40.010    Definitions.

9A.40.070    Custodial interference in the second degree.

9A.40.080    Custodial interference – Assessment of costs – Defense – Consent defense, restricted.

Criminal Mistreatment


9A.42.005    Findings and intent.

9A.42.010    Definitions.

9A.42.080    Abandonment of dependent person in third degree.

9A.42.090    Abandonment of a dependent person – Defense.

9A.42.110    Leaving a child in the care of a sex offender.

Sex Offenses


9A.44.010    Definitions.

9A.44.020    Testimony – Evidence – Written motion – Admissibility.

9A.44.030    Defenses to prosecution under this chapter.

9A.44.096    Sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree.

9A.44.120    Admissibility of child’s statement.

9A.44.150    Testimony of child by closed circuit television.



9A.46.010    Legislative finding.

9A.46.020    Definitions – Penalties.

9A.46.030    Place where committed.

9A.46.040    Court-ordered requirements upon defendant – Violation.

9A.46.050    Arraignment – No-contact order.

9A.46.060    Crimes included in harassment.

9A.46.070    Enforcement of orders restricting contact.

9A.46.080    Order restricting contact – Violation.

9A.46.090    Nonliability of peace officer.

9A.46.100    “Convicted,” time when.

9A.46.110    Stalking.

9A.46.900    Short title.

Reckless Burning and Malicious Mischief


9A.48.010    Definitions.

9A.48.050    Reckless burning in the second degree.

9A.48.060    Reckless burning – Defense.

9A.48.090    Malicious mischief in third degree.

9A.48.100    Malicious mischief – “Physical damage” defined.

Interference with Health Care Facilities or Providers


9A.50.005    Finding.

9A.50.010    Definitions.

9A.50.020    Interference with health care facility.

9A.50.030    Penalty.

9A.50.060    Informational picketing.

9A.50.070    Protection of health care patients and providers.

Burglary and Trespass


9A.52.010    Definitions.

9A.52.040    Inference of intent.

9A.52.050    Other crime in committing burglary punishable.

9A.52.060    Making or having burglary tools.

9A.52.070    Criminal trespass in the first degree.

9A.52.080    Criminal trespass in the second degree.

9A.52.090    Criminal trespass – Defenses.

9A.52.100    Vehicle prowl in the second degree.

9A.52.120    Computer trespass in the second degree.

9A.52.130    Computer trespass – Commission of other crime.

Theft and Robbery


9A.56.010    Definitions.

9A.56.020    Theft – Definition, defense.

9A.56.050    Theft in the third degree.

9A.56.060    Unlawful issuance of checks.

9A.56.096    Theft of rental, leased, lease-purchased, or loaned property.

9A.56.100    Theft and larceny equated.

9A.56.140    Possessing stolen property – Definition – Presumption.

9A.56.170    Possessing stolen property in the third degree.

9A.56.180    Obscuring the identity of a machine.

9A.56.220    Theft of subscription television services.

9A.56.230    Unlawful sale of subscription television services.

9A.56.240    Forfeiture and disposal of device used to commit violation.

9A.56.260    Connection of channel converter.

9A.56.270    Shopping cart theft.



9A.60.010    Fraud – Definitions.

9A.60.045    Criminal impersonation in the second degree.

9A.60.050    False certification.

Defrauding a Public Utility


9A.61.010    Definitions.

9A.61.020    Defrauding a public utility.

9A.61.050    Defrauding a public utility in the third degree.

9A.61.060    Restitution and costs.

9A.61.070    Damages not precluded.

Perjury and Interference with Official Proceedings


9A.72.010    Definitions.

9A.72.040    False swearing.

9A.72.050    Perjury and false swearing – Inconsistent statements – Degree of crime.

9A.72.060    Perjury and false swearing – Retraction.

9A.72.070    Perjury and false swearing – Irregularities no defense.

9A.72.080    Statement of what one does not know to be true.

9A.72.085    Unsworn statements, certification.

9A.72.140    Jury tampering.

9A.72.150    Tampering with physical evidence.

Obstructing Governmental Operations


9A.76.010    Definitions.

9A.76.020    Obstructing a law enforcement officer.

9A.76.030    Refusing to summon aid for a peace officer.

9A.76.040    Resisting arrest.

9A.76.050    Rendering criminal assistance – Definition of term.

9A.76.060    Relative defined.

9A.76.080    Rendering criminal assistance in the second degree.

9A.76.090    Rendering criminal assistance in the third degree.

9A.76.100    Compounding.

9A.76.130    Escape in the third degree.

9A.76.160    Introducing contraband in the second degree.

9A.76.170    Bail jumping.

9A.76.175    Making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

Abuse of Office


9A.80.010    Official misconduct.

Public Disturbance


9A.84.010    Riot.

9A.84.020    Failure to disperse.

9A.84.030    Disorderly conduct.

9A.84.040    False reporting.

Indecent Exposure – Prostitution


9A.88.010    Indecent exposure.

9A.88.030    Prostitution.

9A.88.050    Prostitution – Sex of parties immaterial – No defense.

9A.88.060    Promoting prostitution – Definitions.

9A.88.090    Permitting prostitution.

9A.88.110    Patronizing a prostitute.

9A.88.120    Additional fee assessments.

Failure to Deliver Leased Personal Property


9.45.062    Requisites for prosecution.

Telephone Harassment


9.61.230    Telephone harassment.

9.61.240    Permitting telephone to be used.

9.61.250    Offense – Where deemed committed.

Miscellaneous Crimes


9.91.010    Denial of civil rights – Terms defined.

9.91.020    Operating railroad, steamboat, vehicle, etc., while intoxicated.

9.91.025    Unlawful bus conduct.

9.91.060    Leaving children unattended in parked automobile.

9.91.130    Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle.

9.91.140    Food stamps.

9.91.150    Tree spiking.

19.48.110    Obtaining hotel, restaurant, lodging house, ski area, etc., accommodations by fraud – Penalty.

Crimes Related to Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


69.50.412    Prohibited Acts: E – Penalties.

69.50.4014    Possession of forty grams or less of marijuana – Penalty.

(Ord. 2013-8, 2013; Ord. 2012-1 § 1, 2012; Ord. 2011-4, 2011; Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.030 Domestic violence statutes – Adopted by reference.

The following statutes are portions of acts relating to domestic violence and are adopted by reference as and for an ordinance of the city as if set forth in full in this title:


10.99.010    Purpose – Intent.

10.99.020    Definitions.

10.99.030    Law enforcement officers – Training, powers, duties – Domestic violence reports.

10.99.040    Duties of court – No-contact order.

10.99.045    Appearances by defendant – No-contact order.

10.99.050    Victim contact – Restriction, prohibition – Violation, penalties – Written order – Procedures.

10.99.055    Enforcement of orders.

10.99.060    Prosecutor’s notice to victim – Description of available procedures.

10.99.070    Liability of peace officers.

10.99.080    Penalty assessment.

26.09.300    Restraining orders – Notice – Refusal to comply – Arrest – Penalty – Defense – Peace officers, immunity.

26.10.220    Restraining orders – Notice – Refusal to comply – Arrest – Penalty – Defense – Peace officers, immunity.

26.44.010    Declaration of purpose.

26.44.015    Limitations of chapter.

26.44.020    Definitions.

26.44.030    Reports – Duty and authority to make – Duty of receiving agency – Duty to notify – Case planning and consultation – Penalty for unauthorized exchange of information – Filing dependency petitions – Interviews of children – Records – Risk assessment process.

26.44.032    Legal defense of public employee.

26.44.040    Reports – Oral, written – Contents.

26.44.060    Immunity from civil or criminal liability – Confidential communications not violated – Actions against state not affected – False report, penalty.

26.44.063    Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction – Enforcement – Notice of modification or termination of restraining order.

26.44.067    Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction – Contents – Notice – Noncompliance – Defense – Penalty.

26.44.080    Violation – Penalty.

26.44.130    Arrest without warrant.

26.44.150    Temporary restraining order restricting visitation for persons accused of sexually or physically abusing a child – Penalty for violating court order.

26.50.010    Definitions.

26.50.110    Violation of order – Penalties.

26.50.115    Enforcement of ex parte order – Knowledge of order prerequisite to penalties – Reasonable efforts to serve copy of order.

26.50.120    Violation of order – City attorney may be requested to assist – Costs and attorney’s fee.

26.50.140    Peace officers – Immunity.

(Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.040 Disobedience of anti-harassment order.

Any person who willfully disobeys any temporary anti-harassment protection order or civil anti-harassment protection order issued pursuant to Chapter 10.14 RCW shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.050 Violation of anti-harassment order – Penalty.

Any violation of TMC 9.05.040 shall be as prescribed in TMC 9.05.070. (Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.060 Power of arrest – State statutes relating to – Adopted by reference.

Chapter 10.31 RCW, an act relating to powers of arrest, is adopted by reference as and for an ordinance of the city as if set forth in full in this title. (Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.070 Classification of offenses.

Unless otherwise specifically provided for, any person who is convicted of violating or failure to comply with any of the criminal provisions of this title shall be subject to the following penalties:

A. Gross Misdemeanor. The penalty provided by state law as now existing or hereafter amended for the same violation or type (degree) of violation, but not to exceed a $5,000 fine or one year in jail or both. If no state law provides for such penalty, then the penalty shall not exceed a $5,000 fine or one year in jail or both.

B. Misdemeanor. The penalty provided by state law as now existing or hereafter amended for the same violation or type (degree) of violation, but not to exceed a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail or both. If no state law provides for such penalty, then the penalty shall not exceed a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail or both.

C. Any criminal violation not specifically designated as a gross misdemeanor shall be a misdemeanor.

D. If the court finds that a person convicted of a violation of RCW 9A.36.021, Simple Assault; 9A.36.050, Reckless Endangerment; 9A.36.070, Coercion; 9.61.230, Intimidating Phone Calls; 9A.46.120, Harassment; 9.08.020, Disorderly Conduct; 9A.84.010, Riot; 9.08.040, Disrupting School Activities; 9A.48.090, Malicious Mischief; 9A.52.080, Criminal Trespass; or TMC 9.13.050, Fighting in a public place, intentionally committed the acts necessary for conviction because of such person’s perception of the race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, group association, gender, sexual orientation, or mental, physical or sensory handicap of the victim or victims, or that the violation was part of a gang initiation or gang activity, the court shall impose a minimum fine of not less than $500.00 and a minimum jail sentence of not less than 60 days for each such offense. Neither the mandatory minimum jail sentence nor the mandatory minimum fine shall be suspended or deferred, nor shall the jail sentence be served by alternate means. For purposes of this section, the terms “gang,” “gang activity,” “gang initiation,” and “gang member” are defined as follows:

1. “Gang” means two or more people who form an allegiance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful activity;

2. “Gang activity” means the committing of unlawful activities by gang members or unlawful activities that involve gang behavior such as symbols, slogans, graffiti and other known indications of gang involvement;

3. “Gang initiation” means the engaging in unlawful activity for the purpose of being accepted as a member of a gang;

4. “Gang member” means a person who, by reason of admission or other competent evidence, is shown to be a member of a gang. Such evidence may include evidence of tattoos, club rosters, attendance lists, distinct and recognizable clothing or other competent evidence. (Ord. 2011-5 § 2, 2011; Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.080 Statutory provisions – Amendments of changes included.

The amendment, addition or repeal by the Washington Legislature of any section of any of the adopted statutes shall be deemed to amend this chapter and the statutes contained in this chapter which are adopted by reference in conformity with the amendment, addition or repeal, and it shall not be necessary for the legislative authority of this city to take any action with respect to such addition, amendment or repeal as provided by RCW 35A.12.140 and 35A.13.180. (Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).

9.05.090 Filing of provisions for public examination.

Incident to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter, copies of the text of the adopted statutes shall be filed in the office of the city clerk, as required by RCW 35A.13.180, for use and examination by the public. In addition, the office of the city clerk is authorized to codify and number the sections and subsections of the ordinance codified in this chapter to provide for uniformity and consistency with existing codifications and ordinances. (Ord. 2006-4 § 1, 2006).