Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Connection to water main required when – Notice.

13.04.020    Service of notice – Determination of assessment – Collection.

13.04.030    City engineer supervision authority.

13.04.040    Installation by city water department – Liability for costs.

13.04.050    Equipment included.

13.04.060    Fees designated.

13.04.070    Single pipe to supply two properties when.

13.04.080    Ownership of equipment vested in city.

13.04.090    General facilities charge.

*For statutory provisions authorizing all cities to establish, construct and regulate a water system, see RCW 35.21.210 and 35.92.010; for the provisions authorizing a lien for utility services, see RCW 35.21.290 and 35.21.300; for the provisions authorizing extension of the water system outside city limits, see RCW 35.92.170.

13.04.010 Connection to water main required when – Notice.

Whenever the public health of the city in the opinion of the city health officer requires property to be connected with the water mains of the city, such officer is hereby empowered to order the same to be connected; provided, however, that he shall serve notice upon the owner, tenant, or agent of the owner in writing to make such connection. (Ord. 217 § 1, 1912).

13.04.020 Service of notice – Determination of assessment – Collection.

Notice may be served upon any of the parties named in TMC 13.04.010 by placing the same in the mail addressed to the owner, tenant or agent, and such notice shall be mailed at least five days prior to the time set therein for making such connection, and in case such connection is not made within the time limited in such notice, the city may make such connection and assess the same against the property benefited thereby and such assessment shall be paid and collected in the manner described by law for the collection of general taxes of the city. (Ord. 217 § 1, 1912).

13.04.030 City engineer supervision authority.

Such connections shall be made under the direction of the city engineer who is ordered and directed to prepare and file in the office of the city clerk-treasurer general specifications therefor; provided further, that nothing in this chapter shall be construed as repealing any ordinance of the city governing the use of the present mains thereof, but shall be construed in connection therewith and as an addition thereto. (Ord. 217 § 3, 1912).

13.04.040 Installation by city water department – Liability for costs.

All services shall be installed by the city water department, at the expense of the property owner, in the amount stated in TMC 13.04.060. (Ord. A-95 § 5(a), 1930).

13.04.050 Equipment included.

Each service shall consist of a tap and corporation cock or connection with the water main, a length of service pipe extending to the curbline in front of the property, a curb cock and water meter placed inside of the curbline and a meter box and fittings used in making connections of any size between the water main and the property served. (Ord. A-95 § 5(b), 1930).

13.04.060 Fees designated.

A. Any property owner applying for connection to the city water system shall pay service charges as established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time, that include five-eighth-inch or three-quarter-inch connection, one-inch connection, one-and-one-half-inch connection and two-inch connection.

Any request for connections larger than two inches shall be made to the public works director or designee and the cost of the connection shall be equal to the city expense of the connection. The applicant shall post a deposit of the estimated cost prior to connection. Any cost difference between the deposit and the actual costs shall be paid by the applicant prior to final inspection of the development or structure. If the actual cost of the connection is less than the amount of the deposit, the city shall refund the difference within 30 days of the connection.

B. The fees for connection to the city water system shall be adjusted to account for paved, oiled or unpaved streets to compensate the city for the cost of breaking such paving or oiling and replacing the same. Said fee differences shall be established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time.

C. Applicable state sales tax shall be charged in addition to the service charges set forth in subsection A of this section.

D. The charges set forth in this section shall apply only in cases where the installation of water service does not require more than 40 feet of pipe and/or trench. In case any additional pipe and/or trench is required, the individual desiring service shall pay the actual cost, including labor charges, of such additional pipe and/or trench in addition to the charge set forth in this section.

E. In addition to the foregoing charges, there is imposed upon the owners of Lots 2 through 12, Block 4; Lots 1 through 4, Block 5; Lots 17 through 20, Block 5; and Lots 5 through 8, Block 6 of Berger Addition, who seek to provide water services to their property by connecting to the city’s water system, a special connection charge of $1,365.54. The connection charge is payable in full on or before the date of connection, together with interest from the date of construction (July 27, 1992) until the connection at the rate of 10 percent per year; provided, that the aggregate amount of said interest to be paid by the property owner shall not exceed the amount of the special connection charge; and provided further, that the property owner may elect to defer payment of the connection charge and accrued interest thereon in equal annual installments not to exceed 10 years from the date of connection; with interest on the unpaid balance at the rate of eight percent per year from the date of construction until paid in full. (Ord. 2017-01 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2006-24, 2006; Ord. 92-12 § 3, 1992; Ord. 88-15 § 3, 1988; Ord. B-189, 1981).

13.04.070 Single pipe to supply two properties when.

The water department shall have the right to install a single service pipe from the main to the curbline of sufficient size to supply two separate properties connecting two branches in the parking leading to the right and left, with individual curb cocks and meters for the separate property. (Ord. A-95 § 5(d), 1930).

13.04.080 Ownership of equipment vested in city.

The ownership of all main connection, service pipes, meters and appurtenant equipment maintained by the water department shall be vested in the city, and in no case shall the owner of any premises have the right to claim or reclaim any part thereof. (Ord. 88-15 § 4, 1988; Ord. A-95 § 5(e), 1930).

13.04.090 General facilities charge.

Except as hereinafter provided, no property owner shall have the right to connect to the city’s water system without having first fully paid a general facilities charge, which is the charge that is deemed a reasonable amount to be paid in order that such property owner shall bear his or her equitable share of the cost of such system. The amount to be paid shall be established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time. Said payments shall be deposited into the city’s water capital fund. (Ord. 2017-01 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2007-15, 2007).