Chapter 13.12


13.12.010    Faulty meter – Rereading and inspection when.

13.12.020    Faulty meter – Testing – Deposit required.

13.12.030    Faulty meter – Correction of charges.

13.12.040    Faulty meter – Repair – Consumer liable for cost when – Payment required.

*For statutory prohibitions against damaging water meters, see RCW 9.61.020.

13.12.010 Faulty meter – Rereading and inspection when.

When any consumer whose water service is metered shall make a complaint that the bill for any past month has been excessive, the water department shall, upon written request, have such meter reread and the service inspected for leaks, but such adjustment shall not extend back more than three months from the date of the written request. (Ord. A-95 § 15, 1930).

13.12.020 Faulty meter – Testing – Deposit required.

Should a consumer desire that the meter be tested, such consumer shall then make a deposit with the finance director in the amount established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time. The consumer shall have the privilege if he or she so desires to be present when such test is made. In case a test should show an error of over five percent of water consumed, in favor of the water department, the deposit will be refunded to the consumer, a correctly registering meter will be installed and the bill will be adjusted accordingly. If the test of such meter should show an accurate measurement of water or should show an error in favor of the consumer, the amount deposited will be retained by the water department to cover part of the expense of making such test. (Ord. 2017-01 § 1, 2017; Ord. 88-15 § 8, 1988; Ord. A-95 § 14, 1930).

13.12.030 Faulty meter – Correction of charges.

In the event of a meter getting out of order or failing to register properly, the consumer shall be charged at the average monthly consumption as shown by the meter reading during the last three months that the same was in good order, or for the corresponding month or months of the year preceding. (Ord. A-95 § 14, 1930).

13.12.040 Faulty meter – Repair – Consumer liable for cost when – Payment required.

In all cases where meters are lost, injured or broken by the carelessness or negligence of the owner or occupants of premises, they shall be repaired or replaced by the water department and a charge for such repair or replacement shall be made against the owner or occupant of the premises for the actual cost of labor and material used in making such repairs or replacement. In case of nonpayment the water shall be shut off and in no case turned on again until all charges have been paid. (Ord. A-95 § 14, 1930).