Chapter 13.32


13.32.010    Excavation requirements.

13.32.030    Drain requirements.

13.32.040    Protection of excavations required – Contractor responsibility.

13.32.050    Restoration of street by city when – Costs.

13.32.060    City to complete work when – Costs.

13.32.070    Authorized persons only to perform work – Permit required.

*For statutory provisions authorizing third class cities to cause sewage connections to be made and assess against the property served thereby the costs and expenses thereof, see RCW 35.24.290(4).

13.32.010 Excavation requirements.

All connections with public sewers or drains shall be made in a workmanlike manner, even with the inside surface of the sewer where a connecting Y has not been left, or in case the city engineer may deem best, the person making such connection shall remove a joint of the sewer pipe and insert in its place a Y properly placed and securely cemented before making connection therewith, and when a Y has been left the connection shall be made without damaging or breaking the same. The street or public place must be opened and the paving or planking and earth deposited in such a manner as will occasion the least inconvenience to the public, and so as to permit free passage for water along the gutters. One-half of the street must be kept clear for the passage of vehicles and bridgeways must be provided on sidewalks for foot passengers. In refilling the trench the earth must be deposited in layers of not more than six inches in depth and be well tamped to prevent aftersettlement. As soon as any such sewer or drains are completed, the paving or planking and sidewalking must be restored to as good a condition as it was previous to the excavation and all rubbish and surplus material shall be immediately removed. (Ord. 197 § 9, 1912).

13.32.030 Drain requirements.

All drains which enter into any public sewer or drain in any street, alley, avenue or public place shall be built of such size and material and in such direction and with such grades and in such manner as the city engineer shall direct. (Ord. 197 § 10, 1912).

13.32.040 Protection of excavations required – Contractor responsibility.

All excavations made by any licensed sewer contractor within the limits of any street, alley, avenue or other public place shall be protected and guarded by said contractor, both by night and by day, by the display of proper signals and lights, and the contractor shall be liable upon his bond for all accidents caused by negligence in this respect. (Ord. 197 § 12, 1912).

13.32.050 Restoration of street by city when – Costs.

All work within the limits of any street or public place must be prosecuted to completion with due diligence, and if in the judgment of the city engineer any excavation is left open beyond a reasonable time, he shall cause the same to be refilled and the street restored forthwith and any cost incurred in such work shall be charged to the sewer contractor in charge of such work and must be paid before he shall receive any future permit from the city engineer. (Ord. 197 § 13, 1912).

13.32.060 City to complete work when – Costs.

If any work done in pursuance of a permit granted as prescribed in Chapter 13.24 TMC is not constructed and completed in accordance with the plans and specifications as approved by the city engineer and to his satisfaction and acceptance, and the contractor for such work shall refuse to properly construct and complete such work, notice thereof shall be given to the owner of the property for whom said work is being done, and the city engineer shall cause said work to be completed and said sewer connected in the proper manner, and the full cost of such work and any materials necessary therefor shall be charged and become a lien against said property, and shall be collected in the manner prescribed herein. (Ord. 197 § 14, 1912).

13.32.070 Authorized persons only to perform work – Permit required.

It shall be the duty of the police, the superintendent of streets and of all employees of the engineering department, in case they shall find any person engaged in the work of breaking ground for the purpose of making connections with any public sewer or drain, to ascertain if such person is a duly licensed sewer contractor and if he has a permit from the city engineer to make such sewer connections, and in the event that such person is not a licensed sewer contractor or has no permit for making such connections, it shall be the duty of such officer or employee to order them to desist under penalty of arrest for violation of the provisions of this chapter and to immediately report the fact to the city engineer. (Ord. 197 § 19, 1912).