Chapter 14.04


14.04.010    Review classification.

14.04.010 Review classification.

A. Description. Three classes of review are established for the purposes of this title and are as follows:

1. Class 1: Administrative;

2. Class 2: Council;

3. Class 3: Hearing examiner.

B. Applicability. The provisions of this title shall primarily apply to development applications pursuant to TMC Titles 15, 16, 17 and 18.

C. Exemptions. Unless specified otherwise, the following actions are exempt from the provisions of this title:

1. Annexations;

2. Adoption of comprehensive plans and amendments;

3. Adoption of development regulations and amendments;

4. Design review appeals;

5. Landmark designations;

6. Rezones initiated by city to implement planning policies;

7. Street vacations;

8. Other legislative approvals associated with the use of areas or facilities. (Ord. 2004-17 § 1, 2004).