Chapter 14.06


14.06.010    Application requirements.

14.06.010 Application requirements.

A. Preapplication Meeting. For permit applications of significant complexity, the city or the applicant may initiate a preapplication meeting. The purpose of the meeting would be to identify and discuss the permit procedure, requirements, and information that will be necessary for project review. The city may schedule the meeting with the applicant and may invite representatives from city departments and other affected agencies to attend.

B. Application. All applications for development permits shall be prepared on forms provided by the city. The property owner and/or an authorized agent acting on the owner’s behalf shall sign all applications. Applications and all applicable fees shall be submitted to the administrative official unless otherwise specified.

C. Departmental Review. The administrative official shall forward copies of the application to any affected city department and other agencies or entities that may be affected by the proposed project. Selected recipients shall review the application in regards to its compliance with applicable regulations and its consistency with city land use plans and policies. Any exemptions from city requirements or SEPA environmental review requirements should also be identified during departmental review. Departments and agencies receiving copies of the application shall have no more than 15 days, as determined by the administrative official, to respond with comments.

D. Letter of Completeness. Within 28 days of receipt of an application, the administrative official shall determine if the application is complete and provide the applicant with written notice that the application is complete or incomplete. A letter of completeness shall contain a determination that the application is consistent with city development regulations and the comprehensive plan. A letter of completeness shall not prohibit the city from requesting additional information or studies at a future date if new information becomes necessary throughout the review process. An application shall be determined complete when it contains all of the following:

1. A completed and signed application form with payment in full of applicable fees;

2. A completed environmental checklist if one is required;

3. Information required by the city code or ordinance regulating the particular type of application;

4. Supplemental information which may be required by the administrative official.

E. Incomplete Application. For applications determined incomplete, the city shall identify the specific requirements necessary to complete the application. The applicant shall have no more than 30 days to respond with the required information. Within 14 days of receipt of the required information, the city shall issue a letter of completeness to the applicant. Failure to submit required information within the allowed time shall void the application. (Ord. 2004-17 § 1, 2004).