Chapter 16.18


16.18.005    Resubdivisions.

16.18.010    Street and right-of-way vacations.

16.18.005 Resubdivisions.

The preparation, review and official action concerning all resubdivisions shall follow those procedures set out in Chapter 16.16 TMC. (Ord. 86-26 § 2, 1986).

16.18.010 Street and right-of-way vacations.

A. Requirements.

1. Prior to preparing a petition requesting a vacation, an owner or owners who will be party to the petition shall inform the administrator in writing of the intended action, and shall then review with him all procedural and development aspects of the proposed vacation.

2. The procedure for street and right-of-way vacation approval shall be pursuant to Chapter 35.79 RCW. The petition shall be filed with the administrator. The petition shall be accompanied by a copy of the existing plat showing the proposed alteration or vacation.

3. The petition shall consist of the following:

a. Fifteen copies of the existing plat showing the proposed alteration or vacation, existing topography, drainage patterns, sewers, and utilities and their easements, as well as any other information which the administrator deems necessary;

b. A written legal description of the land to be affected;

c. A determination of the method of conveyance to the public shall be made, indicating whether the right-of-way was purchased by the municipality or other governmental agency;

d. A replat showing the relief sought (i.e., vacation with vacated area redistributed);

e. A written petition describing the action and signed by the owners of the majority of front feet of the street or right-of-way sought to be vacated or replatted;

f. A description of the conditions which warrant the proposed vacation or replat;

g. Required fee which shall be established by resolution of the city council, as amended from time to time. (Ord. 2017-01 § 1, 2017; Ord. 86-26 § 2, 1986).