Chapter 17.16


17.16.010    General regulations.

17.16.020    Zoning conformance review.

17.16.030    Determination limited to application.

17.16.040    Zoning certificates.

17.16.050    Application and fee.

17.16.060    Issuance of zoning certificates.

17.16.010 General regulations.

The zoning certificate serves as a record of the initial establishment of a use, or the construction of a structure, which is allowed as a matter of right. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).

17.16.020 Zoning conformance review.

Prior to obtaining any business license, building permit or lot line adjustment, the applicant shall request the zoning administrator or his/her designee to determine whether the use, building or lot change complies with all provisions of this title, any applicable use permit and that all permit conditions have been satisfied. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).

17.16.030 Determination limited to application.

A zoning certificate extends only to the building, structure, use, or lot line adjustment shown in the application for zoning conformance review, and does not in any way validate or constitute approval of any building, structure, use, subdivision or lot line adjustment not shown in the application. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).

17.16.040 Zoning certificates.

Zoning certificates shall be required for buildings or structures erected, constructed, altered, repaired or moved, the use of vacant land, changes in the character of the use of land or building, or for substantial expansions in the use of land or building. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).

17.16.050 Application and fee.

A. Applications and fees for zoning certificates shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions set forth in a fee schedule resolution adopted by the city council.

B. The zoning administrator or his/her designee shall determine whether proposed uses or structures are allowed by right under this title. No zoning certificate shall be required for continuations of previously approved or permitted uses and structures, use permits or variances in the district in which they are located. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).

17.16.060 Issuance of zoning certificates.

A. Zoning certificates may be issued if the zoning administrator and the fire chief, or their respective designees, determine that the proposed use or building is an allowed use, and conforms to all the applicable development and use standards. An approved zoning certificate may include conditions as a record of the proposal’s conformity with the applicable regulations of this title.

B. If the construction of a building or structure or the use established is contrary to the description or illustration in the approved zoning certificate so as to either violate any provision of this title or require additional permits, then the zoning certificate shall be deemed null and void. (Ord. 2019-16 § 1, 2019).