Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Regulations generally.

17.36.020    Permitted uses.

17.36.030    Area requirements – Yards.

17.36.040    Height requirements.

17.36.050    Parking and loading requirements.

17.36.010 Regulations generally.

The regulations set forth in TMC 17.36.020 through 17.36.050 shall apply to the public and semipublic district. (Ord. A-580 § 16, 1964).

17.36.020 Permitted uses.

No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, altered, enlarged or maintained after June 20, 1964, in this district except for the following uses:

A. Churches;

B. Clubs;

C. Schools;

D. Police and fire stations;

E. Governmental buildings;

F. Playfields, parks and rodeo, fair and livestock exhibition grounds;

G. Airports;

H. Cemeteries;

I. Charitable institutions;

J. Similar uses of a public or quasi-public nature when approved by the planning commission;

K. Special property uses specifically allowed in this district as listed in Chapter 17.56 TMC;

L. Accessory uses which are clearly incidental to permitted uses and which will not create a nuisance or hazard, including:

1. On-site hazardous waste treatment and storage; provided, that such facilities meet state siting criteria adopted pursuant to the requirements of RCW 70.105.210. (Ord. 2020-12 § 1, 2020; Ord. 88-11 § 1, 1988; Ord. A-580 § 16(1), 1964).

17.36.030 Area requirements – Yards.

A. Front Yards. All structures on lots that abut a residential district shall have a 20-foot setback from the property line. Structures on lots not abutting a residential district shall follow the established setback line.

B. Side Yards. No side yard is required except all structures whose side yard abuts a residential district shall have a side yard of five feet.

C. Rear Yards. Within the SP district there shall be a rear yard which shall have a minimum depth of 15 feet. (Ord. A-580 § 16(2)(a), 1964).

17.36.040 Height requirements.

No building shall exceed a height of 45 feet or three stories, whichever is lesser, unless a height increase is approved by the board of adjustment. (Ord. A-580 § 16(2)(b), 1964).

17.36.050 Parking and loading requirements.

Parking and loading space shall be provided as specified in Chapter 17.64 TMC. (Ord. A-580 § 16(3), 1964).