Chapter 17.44


17.44.010    Regulations generally.

17.44.020    Permitted uses.

17.44.030    Area regulations – Yard requirements.

17.44.040    Dwellings not considered nonconforming uses.

17.44.050    Parking and loading requirements.

17.44.060    Sign regulations.

17.44.010 Regulations generally.

The regulations set forth in TMC 17.44.020 through 17.44.060 shall apply to the B2 business district. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. A-580 § 18, 1964).

17.44.020 Permitted uses.

No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, altered, enlarged or maintained after June 20, 1964, in this district except for the following uses:

1. Agricultural supplies and machinery sales;

2. Amusement parks, drive-in theaters, skating rinks, dance halls and other lawful commercial amusements;

3. Automobile sales agencies, garages and parts distributors;

4. Automobile service stations;

5. Restaurants or taverns;

6. Boat and motor sales and repair;

7. Business or professional offices;

8. Businesses, retail, wholesale or service, catering directly to the consumer;

9. Dry cleaning and laundry;

10. Feed, seed and garden supplies;

11. Financial institutions;

12. Frozen food lockers;

13. Fuel distributors; provided, that all storage tanks for liquid petroleum fuels shall be located underground;

14. Glass sales and installation;

15. Hotels, motels and apartment dwellings;

16. Kindergarten, nursery or vocational schools;

17. Manufacturing clearly incidental to a retail business lawfully conducted on the premises and not prohibited in an “M” district;

18. Medical or dental clinics;

19. Nursery or greenhouse;

20. Outdoor advertising displays;

21. Parking lots or structures;

22. Personal service shops;

23. Pet shops;

24. Plumbing and sheet metal shops;

25. Trailer parks and trailer sales agencies;

26. Undertaking establishments;

27. Veterinary clinic, provided all facilities are within an enclosed building;

28. Any other use similar to the above uses as approved by the planning commission;

29. Special property uses specifically allowed in this district as listed in Chapter 17.56 TMC;

30. Accessory uses which are clearly incidental to permitted uses and which will not create a nuisance or hazard, including:

a. Living or watchman’s quarters for the operator or an employee of the permitted primary use;

b. On-site hazardous waste treatment and storage; provided, that such facilities meet state siting criteria adopted pursuant to the requirements of RCW 70.105.210;

31. In-home day care licensed by the state of Washington for no more than 12 children after obtaining a city of Toppenish business license. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. 88-11 § 2, 1988; Ord. B-120 § 1, 1978; Ord. A-701 § 1, 1972; Ord. A-580 § 18(1), 1964).

17.44.030 Area regulations – Yard requirements.

A. Front Yard. No front yard need be provided except as may be required by a special use permit.

B. Side Yard. None required except property abutting a residential district, in which case the side yard on the abutting side shall be the same as that required in the residential district.

C. Rear Yard. None required. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. A-580 § 18(2), 1964).

17.44.040 Dwellings not considered nonconforming uses.

Existing dwellings shall not be considered as nonconforming uses. No new single-family or two-family dwelling shall be erected in this district. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. A-580 § 18(3)(a), 1964).

17.44.050 Parking and loading requirements.

Parking and loading space shall be provided as specified in Chapter 17.64 TMC. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. A-580 § 18(3)(b), 1964).

17.44.060 Sign regulations.

Artificially illuminated signs shall not be permitted if they face an abutting residential district. (Ord. 2008-25, 2008; Ord. A-580 § 18(3)(c), 1964).