Chapter 17.62


17.62.010    Mobile home temporary hardship permit.

17.62.020    Duration of permit.

17.62.010 Mobile home temporary hardship permit.

In addition to the maximum number of dwelling units permitted on a lot, a mobile home may be permitted as a temporary use in all zoning districts for the purpose of providing housing adjacent to an existing residence for the necessary physical care of an aged, infirmed or otherwise incapacitated resident of the property. A temporary hardship permit shall only be issued when all of the following conditions are met:

A. The applicant provides a physician’s statement certifying the applicant requires daily care or supervision for health reasons;

B. The applicant certifies that he/she is unable to procure such care or supervision except for extreme financial or other verifiable hardship, unless a person who is able to provide such care or supervision is allowed to reside in a mobile home adjacent to applicant’s residence;

C. The mobile home meets the minimum setback and height standards for principal uses in the applicable district;

D. The mobile home and principal dwelling together do not exceed the lot coverage standards for the applicable district;

E. The mobile home has an approved sewage disposal system, water supply, and electrical connection prior to occupancy;

F. The approval of the permit will not materially harm the public interest, the intent of the district, or the character of the neighborhood;

G. No rent, fee, payment or charge in lieu thereof may be made between the recipient and providers of special care for use of the mobile home;

H. Compliance with all other applicable provisions of the Toppenish Municipal Code. (Ord. 87-4 § 1, 1987).

17.62.020 Duration of permit.

A mobile home temporary hardship permit shall be issued for a period not to exceed one year, and shall be automatically terminated at the end of the period stated on the permit, unless the original applicant shall apply for an extension of the original term. The application for extension shall be made at least 30 days prior to the end of the original term, upon such form as the city shall provide. In like manner, the term of the permit may be extended from time to time, but the duration of each extension shall not be in excess of one year. The permit shall not be extended unless all of the conditions set forth in TMC 17.62.010 are met and maintained during the period of extension. The mobile home shall be removed within 30 days from termination date of the permit, or within 30 days after the conditions set out in TMC 17.62.010 cease to be maintained, whichever shall occur first. (Ord. 87-4 § 1, 1987).