Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Created – Composition – Terms of office.

2.56.020    Vacancies.

2.56.030    Powers – Subject to state statute.

2.56.040    Quorum.

2.56.010 Created – Composition – Terms of office.

There is hereby created, in accordance with Chapter 35.63 RCW, a planning commission for the city, which will consist of nine members to be appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the majority of the city council, from citizens of recognized fitness for such position. Members must be residents of the city except at any given time one member may qualify for membership by residing in the city’s urban growth area as an alternative to actual residency. The terms of office for the members appointed to such commission shall be designated from one to four years, in such a manner as to provide that the fewest possible terms will expire in any one year. Of the two positions that expire on November 1, 2012, the new term of office for one shall be a three-year term, and one shall be a two-year term. Thereafter, the term of office for each appointive member shall be four years.

(Ord. O2016-001, Amended, 02/02/2016; Ord. O2012-001, Amended, 05/15/2012; Ord. O2006-004, Amended, 02/07/2006; Ord. 1383, Amended, 05/18/1993; Ord. 1303, Amended, 08/20/1991; Ord. 992, Added, 07/01/1984)

2.56.020 Vacancies.

Vacancies occurring other than through the expiration of terms shall be filled for the unexpired term. Members may be removed, after public hearing by the appointing official, with the approval of the city council, for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office. The members shall be selected without respect to political affiliations and they shall serve without compensation.

(Ord. 992, Added, 07/01/1984)

2.56.030 Powers – Subject to state statute.

The planning commission shall have the powers and shall conduct its business and shall be subject to the provisions and in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 35.63 RCW as such chapter now exists or as it may be hereafter amended.

(Ord. 992, Added, 07/01/1984)

2.56.040 Quorum.

A simple majority of the currently appointed membership of the planning commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(Ord. O99-010, Added, 04/20/1999)