Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    Office hours.

2.80.020    Computation of sick and annual leave.

2.80.030    Cancellation of leave credits on separation.

2.80.040    Criminal history access.

2.80.010 Office hours.

A.    Generally. All departments shall keep their offices open for transaction of business from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of each business day from Monday through Friday, holidays excepted.

B.    Temporary Change. The mayor may authorize temporary changes to these days and hours including opening or closure of department offices, City Hall, or other city facilities from time to time for the efficient operation of the city, safety to employees or citizens, emergencies, or other special circumstances not to exceed thirty calendar days. When such temporary change or closure is authorized, the city council shall be notified and a notice posted on the city’s website and at the affected facility or office.

C.    Adjusting Working Hours. The head of a department may adjust the hours of any individual employee, or groups of employees, under his supervision to provide for a different schedule of daily working hours or for extra services outside of the normal or average working hours consistent with city personnel policies.

(Ord. O2013-020, Amended, 11/19/2013; Ord. O95-017, Amended, 08/01/1995; Ord. 445, Added, 06/18/1963)

2.80.020 Computation of sick and annual leave.

A.    Sick and annual leave are charged in units no less than one-quarter hour.

B.    Holidays occurring at the beginning, during or at the end of a period of leave with pay are not charged as leave.

C.    An employee is charged one hour or increment thereof of sick leave or annual leave for each hour or increment thereof of such absence when the employee is scheduled to work.

D.    When an employee separates from employment with the city by reason of resignation, layoff, dismissal, retirement or death, cash, credit or payment for any unliquidated annual leave will be given by multiplying the number of accrued hours of annual leave by the employee’s hourly pay rate.

(Ord. O2001-001, Renumbered, 03/06/2001; Ord. O97-012, Amended, 04/15/1997; Ord. O95-017, Amended, 08/01/1995; Ord. 700, Amended, 01/07/1975; Ord. 445, Added, 06/18/1963)

2.80.030 Cancellation of leave credits on separation.

When an employee’s service with the city has been terminated, all of such employee’s leave credits will be canceled. The limitation in this section shall not be interpreted to apply to employees going on leave of absence without pay under the provisions of Chapter 73.16 RCW. Such employees shall be allowed leave with pay to the extent of their accrued and unused annual leave which shall be followed by the leave without pay provided for in city personnel policies.

(Amended during 2011 reformat; O2001-001, Renumbered, 03/06/2001; Ord. O95-017, Amended, 08/01/1995; Ord. 1119, Amended, 07/07/1987; Ord. 445, Added, 06/18/1963)

2.80.040 Criminal history access.

As required based upon the duties of the position, the city’s administrative services office will conduct background checks in conjunction with preemployment screening of applicants for paid positions with the city and in conjunction with other employment and fitness for duty matters. As required based upon the duties of the position, background checks will be conducted of applicants for volunteer positions with the city by the department for which they are volunteering. All such record checks shall be made only with the consent of the affected individual and the information obtained shall be kept confidential.

(Ord. O2012-006, Amended, 06/05/2012; Ord. O2011-002, Amended, 03/01/2011; Ord. O2001-001, Renumbered, 03/06/2001; Ord. O96-018, Added, 05/21/1996)