Chapter 9.02


9.02.010    Adoption of RCW sections not specifically set forth.

9.02.010 Adoption of RCW sections not specifically set forth.

A.    With the exception of the RCW section set forth in subsection C of this section, and notwithstanding the RCW sections that are specifically adopted by reference in this title, all RCW sections that constitute misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors and the RCW sections necessary for the investigation, arrest, prosecution, sentencing, confinement, and enforcement of misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors are hereby adopted by reference as currently enacted or as hereafter amended or recodified from time to time, and shall be given the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full.

B.    All class C felony crimes set forth in the RCW are hereby adopted by reference for the purposes of charging a gross misdemeanor for a violation of any of the crimes set forth in Chapter 9A.28 RCW. The adoption of class C felonies shall be subject to the provisions of subsection A of this section and of TMC Chapter 9.00.

C.    The following RCW section is not adopted by the city of Tumwater:


9A.16.110    Defending against violent crime – Reimbursement.

(Ord. O2010-022, Added, 12/21/2010)