Chapter 17.26


17.26.010    Replat generally.

17.26.020    Multiple ownership.

17.26.030    Alteration of installed improvements.

17.26.040    Recording.

17.26.050    Power of council not affected.

17.26.060    Land division vacation.

17.26.070    Land division alterations.

17.26.010 Replat generally.

A replat of a recorded plat shall proceed as specified by this title for approval of a preliminary plat except as modified by this chapter.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.020 Multiple ownership.

Where the lots within a recorded plat are held in more than one ownership, the application for replat shall not be accepted by the city for processing unless accompanied by the signatures of all property owners within the plat whose lot boundaries would be altered or affected by the replat. A title report or plat certificate, showing the names of all persons with a real or possessory interest in the plat whose lot boundaries would be affected by the replat and any restrictions encumbering the land, shall be submitted with the application for replat.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.030 Alteration of installed improvements.

Whenever a replat will involve the relocation, removal or reconstruction of existing plat improvements or open space, the whole of the land embraced in the plat(s) proposed to be replatted shall constitute an assessment district for the purposes of financing said relocation, removal or reconstruction. Assessment rates and requirements shall be established by the council at the time of replat approval.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.040 Recording.

Any replat shall be filed and recorded with the county auditor and shall thereafter be the lawful land division and substitute for all former plats; provided, that, should a plat be vacated and not otherwise altered or replatted, it shall only be necessary to file with the county auditor the order, resolution or ordinance vacating the same, and the auditor shall thereupon note upon the original plat the part hereof so vacated.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.050 Power of council not affected.

Nothing in this chapter shall in any way change, limit or affect the power now vested in the council to vacate streets and parts of streets.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.060 Land division vacation.

Land division vacations shall be approved in accordance with RCW 58.17.212.

(Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)

17.26.070 Land division alterations.

Eight paper prints of the proposed amendment, eight paper prints of the original land division or originals shall be filed with the department of community development along with a nonrefundable application fee as indicated within the city’s current fee resolution. In the case of subdivisions, twenty-five copies of both the original design and the amended one shall be required. A note must be placed on the proposed amendment, which states, “This amended short plat supersedes Short Plat No._____,” or “This amended subdivision or binding site plan amends the plat or binding site plan of ______,” and the note must also specify the changes. All city and/or county requirements and conditions, as stated on the original land division, must be stated on the amended land division. All city and county departments and review bodies having approval authority on the original land division shall be required to review and sign the amended document before the department of community development may approve the amendments.

The treasurer’s office must signify that the current real estate taxes are paid before the department of community development approves the amended document and it is recorded. Upon recording, the amended document is deemed approved by the city of Tumwater.

The department of community development may approve an amendment to a land division relating only to the survey, such as an error in the bearing, but not affecting the boundaries or conditions of the land division. It may be recorded with the auditor without receiving other departmental approval.

(Ord. O2011-002, Amended, 03/01/2011; Ord. O96-004, Amended, 04/16/1996; Ord. 1308, Added, 10/15/1991)