Chapter 18.06


18.06.010    Districts designated.

18.06.020    Zoning map – Adopted.

18.06.010 Districts designated.

In order to carry out the provisions of this title, the city is divided into the following districts:

A.    RSR, residential/sensitive resource zone district;

B.    SFL, single-family low density residential zone district;

C.    SFM, single-family medium density residential zone district;

D.    MFM, multifamily medium density residential zone district;

E.    MFH, multifamily high density residential zone district;

F.    NC, neighborhood commercial zone district;

G.    MU, mixed use zone district;

H.    GC, general commercial zone district;

I.    ARI, airport related industry zone district;

J.    LI, light industrial zone district;

K.    HI, heavy industrial zone district;

L.    HC, historic commercial zone district;

M.    GB, greenbelt zone district;

N.    OS, open space zone district;

O.    AP, airport (overlay zone district);

P.    PUD, planned unit development (overlay zone district);

Q.    FP, floodplain (overlay zone district);

R.    AQP, aquifer protection (overlay zone district);

S.    CS, community services zone district;

T.    TC, town center zone district;

U.    MUO, mixed use overlay zone district;

V.    GCO, general commercial overlay zone district;

W.    MHP, manufactured home park zone district;

X.    CBC, Capitol Boulevard Community zone district;

Y.    BD, brewery district zone district.

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18.06.020 Zoning map – Adopted.

The location and boundaries of the zoning districts established by this title are set forth on the zoning map of the city which accompanies the ordinance codified in this title and which map, with all notations, references, and other information shown thereon, is incorporated in this title and is as much a part of this title as if fully described and set forth in this title.

(Ord. 1095, Amended, 01/20/1987; Ord. O95-035, Amended, 12/19/1995; Ord. 883, Added, 05/06/1984)