Chapter 18.31


18.31.010    Intent.

18.31.020    Permitted uses.

18.31.030    Accessory uses.

18.31.040    Conditional uses.

18.31.010 Intent.

It is the intent of the open space (OS) zone district to:

A.    Provide open space in Tumwater that is of an institutional nature such as parks for active and passive recreation, cemeteries and golf courses.

B.    Provide opportunities for joint usage of facilities such as stormwater retention/detention ponds and conveyance facilities and wellfields.

C.    Provide for the needs of the Tumwater community as those needs relate to open space and recreational facilities, whether publicly or privately sponsored.

D.    Provide and protect parks, open space and other natural, physical assets of Tumwater in order to improve the aesthetic and functional features of the community.

E.    Ensure the care, preservation and stewardship of open spaces in the city and urban growth area for future generations to enjoy.

F.    Identify and preserve areas of historic significance.

(Ord. O95-035, Added, 12/19/1995)

18.31.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses in the OS district are as follows:

A.    Parks and other related active and passive recreation facilities;

B.    Agricultural uses subject to the requirements of TMC Chapter 16.08 (Protection of Trees and Vegetation) and the drainage design and erosion control manual for Tumwater;

C.    Support facilities;

D.    Cemeteries, located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain, subject to the standards in TMC Chapter 18.56;

E.    Golf courses;

F.    Camp facilities;

G.    Residences existing prior to January 1, 1996;

H.    Fish hatcheries, associated appurtenances, and related interpretive centers;

I.    Community gardens;

J.    Farmers markets;

K.    Wildlife and nature preserves;

L.    Food trucks or trailers in accordance with TMC 18.42.120.

(Ord. O2019-020, Amended, 11/19/2019; Ord. O2017-006, Amended, 07/18/2017; Ord. O2013-025, Amended, 01/07/2014; Ord. O2010-029, Amended, 06/07/2011; Ord. O2007-004, Amended, 09/04/2007; Ord. O95-035, Added, 12/19/1995)

18.31.030 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses in the OS district are as follows:

A.    Residential uses, located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain, as an accessory use to agricultural uses;

B.    Caretaker dwelling, located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain;

C.    Structures needed to support permitted uses;

D.    Detached garages or carports, located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain, subject to TMC 18.42.015;

E.    Storage sheds, tool sheds, and greenhouses, located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain, subject to TMC 18.42.015;

F.    Accessory wireless communication antenna not exceeding the height of the principal building on the property;*

G.    Electric vehicle infrastructure.

*Use may also be subject to applicable provisions of TMC Chapter 11.20, Wireless Communication Facilities.

(Ord. O2018-025, Amended, 12/18/2018; Ord. O2018-007, Amended, 10/16/2018; Ord. O2010-015, Amended, 09/07/2010; Ord. O97-019, Amended, 06/17/1997; Ord. O95-035, Added, 12/19/1995)

18.31.040 Conditional uses.

A.    Single-family residence located outside of the one-hundred-year floodplain on a parcel no smaller than five acres.

B.    Campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks.

(Ord. O95-035, Added, 12/19/1995)