Chapter 2.130


2.130.010    Creation and purpose.

2.130.020    Membership.

2.130.030    Meeting rules.

2.130.040    Staff support.

2.130.050    Advisory capacity.

2.130.010 Creation and purpose.

There is hereby created a standing committee of the town council entitled “Twisp economic revitalization committee,” hereinafter “TERC.” The purpose of TERC is to solicit, evaluate and bring forward recommendations for economic development within the town of Twisp. Such purpose shall include prioritizing projects for implementation and support of the Twisp economic revitalization master plan, identify and recommend funding sources for priority projects, consider and evaluate new economic development ideas to be recommended to the town council. (Ord. 743 § 1, 2018)

2.130.020 Membership.

(1) Qualifications. Members of TERC shall be selected from individuals who are interested in and/or have expertise in local, regional or statewide economic development.

(2) Number of Members and Terms.

(a) Members. TERC will be comprised of up to 11 members as follows: one town council member, the mayor of the town of Twisp, the public works director of the town of Twisp, a town of Twisp planning commission member, a town of Twisp parks and recreation commission member, a Twisp Chamber of Commerce representative, the TwispWorks director, the Methow Arts Alliance director, and up to three at large positions.

(b) Term. Each member of TERC shall serve a term of one year from the date of appointment and confirmation; provided, however, that all of the members holding specific town positions or offices shall serve as long as that person holds such specific position or office.

(3) Appointment. All members shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the town council, except for the members holding a specific town position or office, and except for the three at large positions, which shall first be recommended by TERC and then appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the town council.

(4) Removal. Members of TERC may be removed by the mayor, with a concurrence of the town council for neglect of duty, conflict of interest, malfeasance in office, or other just cause, or for unexcused absences for more than three consecutive regular meetings. The decision of the town council regarding membership on the committee shall be final, and there shall be no appeal. Members finding they are unable to attend regular meetings are expected to tender their resignation.

(5) Vacancies. Vacancies occurring other than through the expiration of term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as for appointments as provided in this chapter.

(6) Conflicts of Interest. Members of TERC shall fully comply with Chapter 42.43 RCW, Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers; Chapter 42.36 RCW, Appearance of Fairness; and such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the town council regulating the conduct of any person holding an appointed office within the town. (Ord. 743 § 1, 2018)

2.130.030 Meeting rules.

(1) Officers and Quorum. The mayor shall be chairperson and preside at all meetings of the committee, and the committee shall elect from its members a vice-chair, who will preside in the absence of the mayor. The majority of the committee members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority vote of those present shall be necessary to carry any proposition.

(2) Meeting Schedule. TERC shall determine a regular meeting schedule (time and frequency) as necessary, to meet in the Town Hall of the town of Twisp, no less frequently than once every three months. All meetings shall be open to the public.

(3) Procedures. TERC shall adopt such rules and procedures as are necessary for the conduct of its business and shall keep summary notes of its proceedings. The written notes shall be a public record. (Ord. 743 § 1, 2018)

2.130.040 Staff support.

Administrative staff support to TERC shall be provided by the town of Twisp, and as determined by the mayor. (Ord. 743 § 1, 2018)

2.130.050 Advisory capacity.

TERC shall function and make recommendations to the mayor and town council in an advisory capacity only, and shall not take binding action on behalf of the town. (Ord. 743 § 1, 2018)