Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Offices established – Appointment.

2.15.020    Airport manager – Duties.

2.15.030    Airport assistant manager – Duties.

2.15.040    Compensation.

2.15.010 Offices established – Appointment.

The town council hereby creates and establishes the following as municipal offices, the persons filling said offices and performing the duties thereof to be appointed by the mayor with the approval of a majority of the town council:

(1) Twisp Municipal Airport manager;

(2) Twisp Municipal Airport assistant manager. (Ord. 364 § 1, 1990)

2.15.020 Airport manager – Duties.

The airport manager shall, subject to the approval of the town council, be responsible for advising the public works director of the management, operation and maintenance needs of the town municipal airport and its attendant facilities. The performance of such duties shall be in cooperation with the Twisp Municipal Airport board as established by Resolution No. 90-208 of the town of Twisp adopted January 23, 1990, and as prescribed by the applicable statutes of the state of Washington, Chapters 14.07 and 14.08 RCW, and amendments thereto. (Ord. 727 § 1, 2018; Ord. 364 § 2, 1990)

2.15.030 Airport assistant manager – Duties.

The municipal airport assistant manager shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the town council, the municipal airport board, and in the absence or disability of the airport manager, such duties as may devolve upon the assistant manager. (Ord. 364 § 3, 1990)

2.15.040 Compensation.

The airport manager and assistant manager shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor and town council. The compensation for such positions shall be such as may from time to time be prescribed by the town council. (Ord. 364 § 4, 1990)