Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Committee appointments.

2.45.020    Presiding officers.

2.45.030    Record keeping.

2.45.040    Order of business.

2.45.050    Certification of demands and bills.

2.45.010 Committee appointments.

The mayor shall appoint from the members of the council three standing committees of three members each, as follows: a committee called the committee on public improvements, a committee called the committee on fire ordinance, a committee called the health committee and such other committees as the council may create by ordinance or resolution, which committee members shall hold their various places until the second Tuesday in January next succeeding their appointment; subject, however, to removal by the mayor and majority vote of the council. (Ord. 1 § 1, 1909)

2.45.020 Presiding officers.

The mayor shall preside at all meetings of the council, but if absent, the council may appoint a member as president pro tempore, and if the clerk is absent, the mayor or president pro tempore shall appoint one of the members as clerk pro tempore. (Ord. 1 § 2, 1909)

2.45.030 Record keeping.

All motions before the council shall be entered in full in the minutes, by the clerk, except a motion to adjourn, and all ordinances and resolutions shall be submitted in writing, with the name of the member introducing the same endorsed thereon, and to be filed with the clerk; and every resolution as well as ordinance shall have a title endorsed thereon. (Ord. 1 § 3, 1909)

2.45.040 Order of business.

(1) The following order of business is hereby provided for all meetings of the council, namely:

First: Roll call;

Second: Reading, and acting upon, the minutes of the last meeting;

Third: Communications and reports;

Fourth: Petitions and personal appearances;

Fifth: Passage of ordinances, or amendments thereto;

Sixth: Introduction and reading new ordinances;

Seventh: Bills;

Eighth: Unfinished business;

Ninth: New business.

(2) Any one of the above rules enumerated in this section except Rule No. 1 may be suspended or transposed upon the unanimous vote of the members present, for the purpose of that session only, or upon motion duly carried, the session may refer back and work under any of the said rules. (Ord. 1 § 4, 1909)

2.45.050 Certification of demands and bills.

All demands and bills presented to the council for allowance are hereby required to be in writing, to be filed with the clerk, and to be certified to by the claimant, or his agent, to be just and true, and that all credits are shown thereon. (Ord. 1 § 5, 1909)