Chapter 2.85


2.85.010    Enrollment authorization.

2.85.020    Enrollment fee responsibility.

2.85.030    Probationary period.

2.85.040    Administrative provisions.

2.85.010 Enrollment authorization.

Individual members of the volunteer fire department of the town of Twisp, not to exceed 25 enrolled members of said department, are hereby authorized to be enrolled under the retirement pension provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW as now in force and as the same may hereafter be amended. (Ord. 320 § 1, 1987)

2.85.020 Enrollment fee responsibility.

The town shall pay, as the municipality share of the fees for participation in said retirement plan, the sum of $10.00 per year for each enrolled volunteer fireman, not to exceed a maximum of 25 enrolled members. The remaining fee for enrollment in said plan shall be paid by the individual members of the Twisp volunteer fire department who are enrolled in the retirement pension program. (Ord. 320 § 2, 1987)

2.85.030 Probationary period.

No individual member of the Twisp volunteer fire department shall be eligible to be enrolled in the retirement pension plan until he has serve a probationary period of 12 months as a member in good standing of the Twisp volunteer fire department. It shall be the duty of the chief of the fire department to certify to the town clerk and town council, not less than once annually at the time of submission of the departmental budget requests, the number of individual firemen eligible for and participative in the retirement pension program. (Ord. 320 § 3, 1987)

2.85.040 Administrative provisions.

The administrative provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW, amendments thereto, and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, are hereby incorporated herein and made a part hereof. (Ord. 320 § 4, 1987)