Chapter 2.102


2.102.010    Need-based utility discount.

2.102.020    Appeal of denial of a need-based utility discount.

2.102.010 Need-based utility discount.

A. Households that are determined to be eligible based on need consistent with Article VIII, Section 7 of the Washington State Constitution may qualify for discounted monthly city utility charges. Utility charges include monthly water, wastewater, stormwater, sanitation, and recycling charges.

B. The annual aggregate amount of discounts provided by the city shall not exceed one hundred thirty-six thousand dollars. Discounts are available to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Discounts shall not be granted for applications received after the estimated annual discount cap has been exhausted.

C. A dwelling unit may be granted a utility discount if it is occupied by an eligible household. Persons requesting discount must apply to the city finance department in writing on a form prescribed by the city and provide verification. The discount shall apply only if the application is approved by the city, and it may be applied either retroactively or prospectively at the discretion of the city depending upon the circumstances of the applicant. The discount shall apply only during the months that the household occupying the dwelling unit is eligible.

1. A household may be eligible for a need-based discount if the maximum household income is at or below one hundred fifty percent of federal poverty guidelines.

2. An applicant must provide satisfactory proof that he or she:

a. Has a maximum annual household income at or below one hundred fifty percent of federal poverty guidelines; and

b. Is a single occupant or the head of a household or the spouse of the head of the household; and

c. Resides in the dwelling unit charged by the utility; and

d. Is billed or is the spouse of a person billed by the utility; and

e. Such other information requested by the city finance department.

D. Eligibility determinations shall be made by the city finance director or a designee of the finance director.

E. Households determined to be eligible by the city finance director may receive a twenty percent discount on their monthly city utility charges.

F. The discount amounts shall be a general expense of the utility for purposes of establishing or adjusting future rates and charges by ordinance. (Ord. 2020-22 § 1, 2020; Ord. 2019-21 § 5, 2019).

2.102.020 Appeal of denial of a need-based utility discount.

A. An aggrieved person may appeal denial of a utility discount by filing a written appeal with the city finance department during normal business hours.

1. An appeal of the denial of a discount must be filed in writing with the city clerk no later than thirty days from the date of mailing of the denial.

B. Appeals of the discount denial shall be decided by the city manager or the designee of the city manager and shall be final. The appeal decision shall be made in writing and mailed to the appellant at the address stated in the appeal or, if none, the most recent location address on file in city utility billing records for which the appeal concerns.

D. For purposes of this section, “days” means calendar days and time shall be computed as provided in RCW 1.12.040. (Ord. 2019-21 § 6, 2019).