Title 5


5.01    Cable Communications

5.02    Telecommunications – Small Wireless Facilities

5.03    Telecommunications

5.04    Mobile Vendors

5.05    General Business License

5.09    Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers

5.14    Ambulance, Aid Vehicles and Nonemergency Transport Vehicles

5.23    Carnival, Circus or Fair – Licenses

5.27    Peddlers and Hawkers

5.31    Taxicabs

*    For statutory provisions authorizing code cities to exercise the authority authorized by general law for any class of city to license and revoke the same for cause, to regulate, make inspections and to impose excises for regulation or revenue in regard to all places and kinds of business, production, commerce, entertainment, exhibition, and upon all occupations, trades and professions and any other lawful activity, see RCW 35A.82.020; for general provisions giving code cities all of the power and authority of any class of municipality, see RCW 35A.11.020 and 35A.21.160.