Chapter 12.28


12.28.010    Purpose of chapter.

12.28.020    Statutory provisions adopted.

12.28.030    Major arterials designated.

12.28.035    Secondary arterials designated.

12.28.040    Collector streets designated.

12.28.050    Access streets designated.

*    For statutory provisions regarding the duty of municipal corporations to classify and designate city streets, see Ch. 35.78 RCW; for provisions directing that code cities be regulated by Ch. 35.78 RCW, see RCW 35A.47.020.

12.28.010 Purpose of chapter.

The city streets herein classified and designated as major arterials, secondary arterials and access streets are so classified and designated in accordance with, pursuant to, and for the purposes set forth in Chapter 35.78 of the Revised Code of Washington, as amended, and for no other purpose, and the same shall not be and are not designated as arterial highways within the meaning of any other laws of the state or ordinances of the city for the purpose of traffic control. (Ord. 99-27 § 32, 1999: prior code § 9.76.050).

12.28.020 Statutory provisions adopted.

The provisions of Chapter 35.78 of the Revised Code of Washington, as amended or as it may hereafter be amended, are adopted by reference and made a part of this chapter. (Ord. 99-27 § 33, 1999: prior code § 9.76.040).

12.28.030 Major arterials designated.

A. The following streets within the city limit are classified as major arterials:

1. State Route 12;

2. State Route 125;

a. 9th, Plaza/Dalles Military Road to Pine (SR125),

b. Pine, 9th westerly to SR12 (SR125);

3. Airport, Isaacs to SR12;

4. Alder, Poplar to Tausick (that portion in city limits);

5. Isaacs, Rose to SR12;

6. Pine, 8th to 2nd;

7. Poplar, 9th to Alder;

8. Rose, Myra to Isaacs;

9. Tausick, Alder to Isaacs;

10. 2nd, SR12 to Abbott (that portion in city limits). (Ord. 99-27 § 34, 1999: Ord. A-3604 § 1, 1989: Ord. A-3557 § 1, 1988: prior code § 9.76.010).

12.28.035 Secondary arterials designated.

A. The following streets within the city are classified as secondary arterials:

1. Alder, 9th to Poplar;

2. Bryant, Howard to School;

3. Chestnut, 9th to Howard;

4. Dalles Military Road, 9th to Myra;

5. Howard, Reser to Pleasant;

6. Lower Waitsburg, SR 12 to north urban boundary;

7. Main, 9th to Isaacs;

8. Melrose, Sumach to Airport Rd.;

9. Park, Howard to Alder;

10. Plaza, 9th to Prospect (that portion in city limits);

11. Rees, 13th to SR 12;

12. School, Alder to Russell Creek Rd.;

13. Sumach, Rees to Melrose;

14. Tietan, Plaza Way to Fern;

15. Wilbur, Bryant to SR 12;

16. 4th, Rees to SR 12;

17. Berney, Russell Creek to Alder;

18. Clinton, SR 12 to Alder;

19. Division, Bryant to Melrose;

20. Middle and Lower Waitsburg Roads to north urban boundary;

21. Park, SR 12 to Rose;

22. Pleasant, Howard to Berney;

23. Poplar, Myra Rd. to 9th;

24. Rose, Isaacs to Sumach;

25. Wellington, Isaacs to Middle Waitsburg;

26. 3rd, Tietan to Prospect;

27. 9th, Pine to Rees;

28. 13th, Rose to Pine;

29. Fern, Abbott to Whitman;

30. Whitman, Fern to Roosevelt;

31. Roosevelt, Whitman to Melrose;

32. Myra Road, SR 125 to Rose; and

33. 13th, Pine to north city limits. (Ord. 99-27 § 35, 1999: Ord. A-3604 § 2, 1989: Ord. A-3557 § 2, 1988).

12.28.040 Collector streets designated.

The following streets within the city are classified and designated as collector streets:

Abbott, 2nd to Fern (that portion in city limits);

Berney, Russell Creek to Alder (that portion in city limits);

Boyer, Main to Cascade;

Bridge, Pleasant to Alder;

Bryant, Howard to Catherine;

Cascade, Boyer to Isaacs;

Catherine, Chestnut to Bryant;

Chase, 5th to Orchard;

Cherokee, 3rd to 2nd;

Chestnut, Howard to Division;

Chestnut, VA Hospital to 9th;

Clinton, SR12 to Alder;

Colville, 2nd to Poplar;

Division, Bryant to Melrose;

Howard, Park to Pleasant;

Middle Waitsburg, Lower Waitsburg to north urban boundary (that portion in city limits);

Palouse, Alder to Rose;

Park, Rees to Rose;

Pleasant, Howard to Berney (that portion in city limits);

Poplar, Western Terminus to 9th;

Orchard, 9th to 3rd;

Rose, Isaacs to Sumach/Rees;

Sheridan, 2nd to Howard;

Sumach, Melrose to Clinton;

Wellington, Isaacs to Middle Waitsburg;

Whitman, 2nd to Park;

3rd, Pine to Prospect (that portion in city limits);

5th, Poplar to Chase;

9th, Pine to Carrie;

13th, Rose to Pine.

(Ord. A-3604 § 3, 1989: Ord. A-3557 § 3, 1988: prior code § 9.76.020).

12.28.050 Access streets designated.

All other streets within the city not forming a part of the routes of state highways through the city, or designated as arterial highways by the Washington State Highway Commission are classified as access streets. (Ord. 99-27 § 36, 1999: prior code § 9.76.030).