Chapter 12.36


12.36.010    Wires – Safety.

12.36.020    Violations.

*    For undergrounding of utilities in subdivisions, see Chapter 19.32 of this code.

12.36.010 Wires – Safety.

All plants and facilities of utilities, including but not limited to all telephone, telecommunications, electrical power, and wires for any other purpose, shall be constructed and installed in conformity with good engineering practice and comply with the minimum standards as set out in the current National Electric Safety Code in effect on January 1, 1991. All instrumentalities and equipment shall be installed and maintained with due consideration to the safety of customers, subscribers, employees and the general public. Hazardous conditions endangering persons, property, or the continuity of service when found, reported or known to exist, shall be expeditiously corrected. (Ord. 2003-6 § 2, 2003: Ord. 99-27 § 42, 1999: prior code § 9.56.010).

12.36.020 Violations.

In addition to any other available penalty or remedy, any condition existing in violation of this chapter shall forthwith be abated by the violator or violators at no cost to the city, and if the violator or violators fail to immediately make such abatement after receiving a request for removal from the city, the city may abate the condition, at the joint and several expense of any and all violators. (Ord. 2003-6 § 3, 2003: prior code § 9.56.030).