Chapter 12.40


12.40.010    Barbed wire, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

12.40.020    Removal required – City to perform work when.

12.40.010 Barbed wire, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

It is unlawful for any person, persons, firm, company or corporation to construct or maintain upon their property, or to allow to remain if already constructed upon their property, any fence containing barbed wire or any similar or dangerous material, abutting upon any public street, highway or alleyway within the city; provided, however, that one or two protective strands of barbed wire may be used on the top of fences so long as the same is not less than six feet above ground level. (Prior code § 9.52.010).

12.40.020 Removal required – City to perform work when.

All such fences not in compliance with the preceding section now existing along and abutting any such street, highway or alleyway shall, within twenty days after the passage and approval of the ordinance codified in this chapter, be removed by the owner or owners thereof, and upon a failure to remove the same, the city manager is authorized and empowered to cause the removal of such fences. (Prior code § 9.52.020).