Title 13


13.03    Sewer Utility – Regulations and Rates

13.04    Water Utility – Regulations and Rates

13.05    Water System Cross-Connection Control

13.06    Stormwater Management Utility – Regulations and Rates

13.07    Cottonwood Trunk System Special Charge

13.10    Utility Excise Tax

13.15    Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination

13.16    Construction and Post-Construction Stormwater

13.20    Obstructions to Drainage of City

13.24    Pollution of Streams

13.28    Mill Creek – Pollution

13.30    Wastewater Standards

13.31    Wastewater Discharge Permit Fees

13.32    Mill Creek – Obstruction or Diversion

13.36    Hydroelectric Generating Facility

*    For statutory provisions regarding water pollution control, see RCW Ch. 90.48; for provisions regarding pollution of watersheds or sources of drinking water, see RCW 70.54.010 and 70.54.030; for provisions regarding the authority of code cities over water within the city and sources of city water, see RCW Ch. 35.88, RCW 35A.70.010 and RCW 35A.80.010.