Title 19


Division I. General Provisions and Definitions

19.02    General Provisions

19.06    Construction and Definitions

Division II. Subdivisions

19.10    General Provisions – Subdivisions

19.14    Preliminary Subdivision Procedures

19.18    Final Plat Procedures

Division III. Short Plats

19.22    General Provisions – Short Plats

19.24    Short Plat Procedures

Division IV. Boundary Adjustment

19.25    Boundary Adjustment

Division V. Planned Unit Development Subdivision

19.26    Planned Unit Developments

Division VI. Binding Site Plan Subdivision

19.28    Binding Site Plan Subdivision (Including Condominiums)

Division VII. Design and Improvement Standards

19.30    Subdivision Design

19.32    Public Facility Requirements

19.34    Public Facilities Standard Plans

19.35    Public Facilities Development Procedures

Division VIII. Table of Required Information

19.40    Table of Required Information

*    Prior ordinance history: Ords. A-2742, A-2812, A-2965, A-3118, A-3145, A-3192, A-3216, A-3653, A-3673, 93-A-15 and 93-A-36.