Chapter 20.138


20.138.010    Purpose.

20.138.020    Definition.

20.138.030    Development authorization required.

20.138.040    Development standards.

20.138.050    Signs.

20.138.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to establish criteria for the review and approval of bed and breakfast establishments as an accessory use to a permitted residential use. Bed and breakfast establishments are recognized as one means of preserving historic, architectural resources in the community.

20.138.020 Definition.

A bed and breakfast establishment is a dwelling unit which is also utilized by the owner or operator as short term lodging for travelers and transient guests.

20.138.030 Development authorization required.

A. Bed and breakfast establishment requires a Level I development authorization.

B. Development authorization may be given only to a bed and breakfast which possesses a transient accommodation license from the department of health. (Ord. 2012-09 § 68, 2012).

20.138.040 Development standards.

A. Not more than five lodging units will be present in any dwelling unit; travelers or transient guests may not stay longer than thirty days;

B. Property must be owner or operator occupied;

C. One off-street parking space must be provided for each lodging unit in addition to the parking requirements for the use of the structure as a dwelling unit;

D. Only limited food service may be served to travelers or transient guests in accordance with WAC 246-21-141, as amended. (Ord. 2012-09 § 69, 2012).

20.138.050 Signs.

Signs associated with this use shall be limited to four square feet in size, except bed and breakfast establishments located in a zone which allows signs larger than four square feet may have a larger sign, provided it is in compliance with the size standards for that district. Signs shall meet all setback requirements for the zone in which the bed and breakfast establishment is located.