Chapter 20.167


20.167.010    Purpose.

20.167.020    Location criteria.

20.167.030    Specific use standards.

20.167.040    Permitted uses.

20.167.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to allow existing nonresidential buildings in residential zones to be converted to or used for nonresidential purposes as a Level II use. This will support active, healthy neighborhoods and prevent blight and demolition of buildings by allowing for functional reuse without drastic structure overhauls. (Ord. 2018-53 § 23(part), 2018).

20.167.020 Location criteria.

A. Adaptive reuse of nonresidential buildings, as described in this chapter, shall be limited to streets identified as major and minor arterials and collector streets in the Transportation Plan. (Ord. 2018-53 § 23(part), 2018).

20.167.030 Specific use standards.

A. Nonresidential uses allowed by this chapter shall be screened from adjacent residential properties by a six-foot-tall sight-obscuring fence or hedge.

B. Nonresidential uses shall follow the provisions for the underlying residential zone regarding signage.

C. Parking standards identified in Chapters 20.126 and 20.127 shall apply to all nonresidential uses allowed by this chapter.

D. Drive-through facilities are prohibited. (Ord. 2018-53 § 23(part), 2018).

20.167.040 Permitted uses.

A. Only uses identified in this section are allowed as Level II uses under this chapter. Uses identified herein are recognized to have benefits to a neighborhood, and to have lower impacts on a neighborhood.

1. Medical and dental offices;

2. Convenience stores;

3. Professional offices, including lawyers, accountants, architects, insurance agents, and similar;

4. Retail bakeries and coffee shops;

5. Florists;

6. Seamstress, tailor, and similar. (Ord. 2018-53 § 23(part), 2018).