Division V. Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Chapter 20.180


20.180.010    Purpose.

20.180.020    Applicability.

20.180.040    Class designation.

20.180.050    Minimum standards for manufactured homes.

20.180.060    General siting requirements.

20.180.070    Replacement of a nonconforming manufactured home.

20.180.080    Replacement of existing or approved manufactured home.

20.180.090    Prohibited residential occupancy or use.

20.180.010 Purpose.

It is the intent of this chapter to set forth the terms and conditions under which manufactured and mobile single-family homes may be sited. It is the purpose of this chapter to set forth terms and conditions applicable to manufactured homes equivalent to those for all other dwellings in order to not discriminate against the placement and use of manufactured homes per the provisions of RCW 35.21.684, 35A.21.312, and 36.01.225 as amended.

The provisions established herein are intended to assure that the siting of mobile/manufactured homes in the neighborhood residential zone is harmonious with the surrounding residential uses and preserves the general character and integrity of the neighborhood. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as to permit housing designs or construction standards that do not meet the standards of an historic district.

This chapter is not intended to address the residential, commercial, or industrial use of manufactured homes in commercial or industrial zones. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2018-16 § 2, 2018: Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006).

20.180.020 Applicability.

This chapter applies to the siting of manufactured homes on individual lots, or the siting of manufactured homes as accessory dwelling units in the neighborhood residential zone. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2018-16 § 3, 2018: Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006).

20.180.040 Class designation.

The director or designee shall determine the classification of a manufactured home based on the definition of each classification, architectural elevations or photographs of all sides of the home, exterior dimensions, roof slopes, exterior finish, and where appropriate, an inspection of the manufactured home.

A class designation may be appealed to the hearing examiner as set forth in Chapter 20.38, Closed Record Decisions and Appeals. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006. Formerly 20.180.030).

20.180.050 Minimum standards for manufactured homes.

Class A manufactured homes are those new single-family dwellings (as defined in Section 20.06.030.M) whose original design and construction have been determined, by the standards prescribed below, to be similar in design and appearance to site built housing at current construction standards:

A. Roof Construction.

1. The pitch of the home’s roof has a minimum vertical rise of three feet for each twelve feet of horizontal run.

2. The roof is finished with a type of shingle that is commonly used in standard residential construction, such as a composition or wood shake or shingle coated metal, or similar material.

3. The roof is constructed with a minimum designed snow load of thirty pounds per square foot.

B. Exterior Finish. Has exterior siding similar in appearance to siding materials commonly used on conventional site-built International Residential Code (IRC) single-family residences.

C. Foundation. A continuous, low/pit set permanent foundation as specified by the manufacturer, and the space from the bottom of the home to the ground be enclosed by a concrete or an approved concrete product which can be either load bearing or decorative.

D. Insulation. Is thermally equivalent to the Washington State Energy Code.

E. Towing Apparatus Removed. The tongue, axles, transporting lights, and removable towing apparatus are removed after placement on the lot and before occupancy. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2019-38 § 20, 2019: Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006. Formerly 20.180.040).

20.180.060 General siting requirements.

The siting requirements for new and designated manufactured homes are the same requirements as placed upon all single-family residential dwellings and accessory dwellings constructed within the city. Placement of manufactured homes in the city of Walla Walla is subject to the following general siting requirements:

A. Permit Required. Any manufactured home placed in the city shall first receive a placement permit in accordance with Chapter 15.20.

B. Placement of Manufactured Homes as Permanent Dwelling Units.

1. All manufactured homes sited on individual lots, not including lots in manufactured home parks, must be Class A.

2. Manufactured homes placed in an approved manufactured home subdivision are subject to Level I review.

3. Manufactured homes placed in manufactured home parks may be Class A, B or C. Manufactured home placement in a manufactured home park is subject to Level I review.

4. Class D manufactured homes shall not be placed within the city of Walla Walla.

C. Code Compliance. All manufactured homes shall be installed in compliance with applicable city codes and state codes.

D. National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act, U.S. Department of HUD, Compliance With. All manufactured homes placed within the city shall first be certified as meeting the 1974 National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards, U.S. Department of HUD. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2018-16 § 5, 2018: Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006: Ord. 2000-6 § 2(part), 2000: Ord. 95-5 § 1(part), 1995. Formerly 20.180.050).

20.180.070 Replacement of a nonconforming manufactured home.

Level I review shall be used to replace a nonconforming manufactured home with a conforming manufactured home. A nonconforming manufactured home shall be replaced only by a Class A manufactured home, and shall not be replaced by a Class B, C or D manufactured home. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006. Formerly 20.180.060).

20.180.080 Replacement of existing or approved manufactured home.

Level I review shall be used to replace an existing or approved manufactured home with another manufactured home that is only a Class A manufactured home and not a Class B, C or D manufactured home. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006. Formerly 20.180.070).

20.180.090 Prohibited residential occupancy or use.

A. Recreational vehicles as defined in Chapter 20.06 shall not have connections to residential sewer systems or any permanent connections to other residential utilities. Recreational vehicles shall not be used as a residence and shall not be occupied for temporary use for more than four weeks in a consecutive twelve-month period, except as may be provided in campgrounds, manufactured home parks, or recreational vehicle parks.

B. No recreational vehicle shall be used as an accessory structure to a residence, nor to accommodate a residential accessory use. (Ord. 2023-02 § 10, 2023; Ord. 2018-16 § 6, 2018: Ord. 2006-15 § 3(part), 2006: Ord. 2000-6 § 2(part), 2000: Ord. 95-5 § 1(part), 1995. Formerly 20.180.080).