Chapter 20.30


20.30.010    Purpose.

20.30.020    When required.

20.30.030    Review procedures, decision – Level VI.

20.30.010 Purpose.

The purpose of Level VI procedures is to handle legislative action on proposals which are required to have a public hearing before the city council. The purpose of the public hearings is to invite public participation in the hearing process. The city council makes the final decision on Level VI proposals. (Ord. 2008-06 § 50, 2008: Ord. 2000-6 § 2(part), 2000: Ord. 97-14 § 30, 1997).

20.30.020 When required.

Level VI legislative review is required for:

A. Annexations (Section 20.02.080 of this code and Chapter 35A.14 RCW);

B. Prezones (Chapter 20.48 of this code and RCW 35A.14.330);

C. Street vacations (RCW 35A.47.020 and Chapter 35.79 RCW);

D. Adoption and amendment(s) of any comprehensive plan(s) or subarea plan(s) (Chapters 35A.63 and 36.70A RCW). (Ord. 2008-06 § 51, 2008: Ord. 2000-6 § 2(part), 2000: Ord. 97-14 § 31, 1997: Ord. 95-5 § 1(part), 1995).

20.30.030 Review procedures, decision – Level VI.

The review procedures for Level VI proposals are governed by the applicable provisions of the Walla Walla Municipal Code and the Revised Code of Washington.

A. Annexations. The zoning of property to be annexed will be determined according to Section 20.02.080. Annexations shall be processed as provided in Chapter 35A.14 RCW, as amended, Sections 20.02.080 and 20.14.090, and this chapter.

B. Prezones. Prezones, also known as proposed zoning regulations, shall be processed as provided in RCW 35A.14.330 and 35A.14.340, as amended.

C. Street Vacations. Street vacation requests shall be processed according to Chapter 35.79 RCW, Sections 20.14.085 and 20.14.090, and this chapter. Street vacation petitions shall be reviewed by the site plan review committee and the planning commission before they are brought to the city council for consideration. The planning commission is not required to hold a public hearing and may consider the petition at a public meeting. At a public meeting, the planning commission shall consider the recommendation of the site plan review committee and make a recommendation to the city council. The SPRC shall review the proposed street vacation for its impact on the city’s current and future traffic circulation and utility facility planning.

D. SEPA Review. All Level VI legislative proposals will be reviewed by the department and, if SEPA review is required, such review will be conducted by the responsible official in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 20.14 and Title 21 of this code and Chapter 197-11 WAC prior to final approval by the city council. (Ord. 2021-46 § 6, 2021; Ord. 2008-24 § 10, 2008: Ord. 2008-06 § 52, 2008).