Chapter 1.14


1.14.010    Purpose.

1.14.020    Designated person.

1.14.030    Service if designated person is unavailable.

1.14.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this section is to adopt the state statutory language regarding service of process and legal documents on the city of Wapato.  (Ord. 1171 §1(part), 2007)

1.14.020 Designated person.

In the event service of process or service of any document, legal or otherwise, needs to be made on the city of Wapato, service is to be made to the mayor.  In the event the mayor is unavailable, the mayor designates the city clerk/treasurer to accept service on behalf of the city of Wapato during normal office hours of the city.  (Ord. 1171 §1(part), 2007)

1.14.030 Service if designated person is unavailable.

Whenever the mayor or the city clerk/treasurer cannot be so served, the mayor designates the following persons, in descending order of preference, to be served during normal business hours:  the city deputy clerk/treasurer or the accounting clerk (utility billing clerk).  (Ord. 1171 §1(part), 2007)