Chapter 2.62


2.62.010    Procedures for obtaining city credit cards.

2.62.020    Authorized credit card use.

2.62.030    Unauthorized and/or inappropriate credit card use.

2.62.040    Disciplinary action.

2.62.050    Responsibility and accountability.

2.62.060    Statements and receipts.

2.62.070    Return of credit card.

2.62.080    Periodic review.

2.62.010 Procedures for obtaining city credit cards.

A. The city may establish a credit card in the name of a city employee with a financial institution provider for the city for city business use only. The city employee must receive monthly statements from the financial institution provider at the city’s post office address. More than one card may be obtained for various accounts.

B. The city clerk/treasurer, or his or her designee, shall establish procedures and forms for implementing and monitoring a credit card purchasing program through a financial institution provider that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. A dollar limitation on the credit card;

2. A dollar limitation of purchasing authority assigned to the cardholder per transaction made with the credit card;

3. A dollar limitation of purchasing authority assigned to the cardholder for the total of all charges made during each monthly billing cycle; and/or

4. Merchant category blocking. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.020 Authorized credit card use.

A. Cardholders are authorized to use the card to purchase merchandise or services required as a function of their duties with the city.

B. A purchase made with a credit card may be made in-store, by telephone, fax, Internet or U.S. Mail. Purchases shall be submitted monthly on an approved form along with itemization and documentation of each charge within thirty days of the billing date with all the appropriate authorizations (such as department head authorization).

C. If a credit card is issued for the purpose of covering expenses related to travel, within five days of return from travel, the official or employee using a credit card issued under this section shall submit a fully itemized travel expense voucher on an approved form. Any charges against the credit card not properly identified on the travel expense voucher shall be paid by the official or employee by check or salary deduction. All requirements outlined in Chapter 2.60 shall also be followed when using a credit card issued by the city for travel expenses. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.030 Unauthorized and/or inappropriate credit card use.

Credit cards must never be used to purchase items for personal use or for non-city of Wapato purposes, even if the cardholder intends to reimburse the city. Unauthorized and/or inappropriate credit card use includes, but is not limited to:

A. Items for personal use;

B. Items for non-city of Wapato purposes;

C. Cash or cash advances;

D. Food and beverages for an individual employee (unless specifically authorized under Chapter 2.60 or after obtaining approval for special expenses);

E. Alcoholic beverages;

F. Weapons of any kind or explosives (except authorized police department purchases);

G. Relocation expenses;

H. Entertainment expenses; and/or

I. Recreation expenses. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.040 Disciplinary action.

A. A cardholder who makes an unauthorized purchase with the card or uses the card in an inappropriate manner will be subject to having the credit card revoked and disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, restitution to the city for any unauthorized purchases, possible termination of employment with the city, and/or criminal prosecution.

B. If any item purchased with a credit card is not acceptable, arrangements must be made for a return for credit or an exchange of the item. A cash refund or check is prohibited unless the vendor insists that a refund be by cash or check. In that case, the funds shall be deposited immediately with the city.

C. If, for any reason, after an unauthorized or inappropriate purchase is made, the disallowed charges are not repaid to the city as restitution, the city shall have a priority lien against and a right to withhold any and all funds payable to or to become payable to the official or employee up to the amount of the unauthorized or inappropriate purchase, interest and any other charges incurred as a result of the unauthorized or inappropriate purchase. Any official or employee who has been issued a credit card by the city shall not use the card if any disallowed charges are outstanding and shall surrender the card upon demand of the city clerk/treasurer or an auditing officer. The city shall have unlimited authority to revoke use of any city credit card issued under this section, and upon such revocation order being delivered to the credit card company, shall not be liable for any costs. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.050 Responsibility and accountability.

It is the responsibility of each individual card holder to safeguard the credit card and credit card account number at all times. Lost or stolen credit cards shall be reported immediately to the credit card agency and the city clerk/treasurer. All credit cards must be kept in a secure location at all times. No unauthorized users may be given access to the credit card or credit card account number. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.060 Statements and receipts.

All original itemized receipts for purchase on the city credit card shall be retained and provided to the city clerk/treasurer monthly. An employee may be allowed to file an affidavit of purchase in lieu of providing the original receipt upon the loss of the original receipt or when a receipt is not obtained, at the discretion of the city clerk/treasurer. Monthly statements shall be provided to the city clerk/treasurer for review of accuracy and purchases. Receipts must be attached to the monthly statements. The authorized user of the credit card must sign the statement indicating that the goods were received. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.070 Return of credit card.

Upon demand or upon separation of employment with the city, the city-issued credit card and all accompanying documentation shall be surrendered to the city clerk/treasurer or his or her designee. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)

2.62.080 Periodic review.

The city clerk/treasurer shall conduct periodic reviews of the credit card use of employees to ensure proper use. Credit card records may be audited at any time. (Ord. 1307 §22 (part), 2015)