Chapter 3.28


3.28.010    Bond--Required.

3.28.020    Bond--Amount.

3.28.030    Bond--Right of action.

3.28.040    Advertisement for bids.

3.28.010 Bond--Required.

Whenever the council or other body acting for the city shall contract with any person or corporation to do any work for the city, the council or other public body shall require the person, persons or corporation with whom such contract is made to make, execute and deliver to the council or other public body a good and sufficient bond with two or more sureties, or with a surety company as surety, conditioned that such person, persons or corporation shall faithfully perform all the provisions of such contract and pay all laborers, mechanics and subcontractors and materialmen and all persons who shall supply such person, persons or corporation or subcontractors, with provisions and supplies for the carrying on of such work, all just debts, dues and demands incurred in the performance of such work.  (Ord. 45 §1, 1909)

3.28.020 Bond--Amount.

Such bond shall run to the city and shall be in an amount equal to the full amount of the contract price except as provided by Ordinance No. 44, which bond shall be approved by the mayor and filed with the clerk.  (Ord. 45 §2, 1909)

3.28.030 Bond--Right of action.

The city and all persons mentioned in Section 3.28.010 shall have a right of action on such bond as their several interests may appear, subject to the provisions and restrictions of the laws of the state.  (Ord. 45 §3, 1909)

3.28.040 Advertisement for bids.

An advertisement for bids in two consecutive issues of the official newspaper with ten days elapsing after the first publication thereof shall be sufficient notice and publication in all cases where notice to contractors to call for bids for letting of public work is required.  (Ord. 232 §1, 1925)