Chapter 5.04


5.04.010    Definitions.

5.04.020    Compliance with Chapter 19.48 RCW required.

5.04.030    Inspection by code enforcement officer.

5.04.040    Investigation of applicant.

5.04.050    License display.

5.04.060    Additional reasons for revocation of license of hotel or motel.

5.04.070    Liability.

5.04.010 Definitions.

The terms “hotel” and “motel” mean any building held out to the public to be an inn, hotel or public lodging house or place where sleeping accommodations, whether with or without meals, or the facilities for preparing the same, are furnished for hire to transient guests, in which one or more rooms are used for the accommodation of such guests.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.020 Compliance with Chapter 19.48 RCW required.

Every hotel and motel shall at all times comply with Chapter 19.48 RCW, as amended.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.030 Inspection by code enforcement officer.

Prior to issuance of a license, renewal, and at any subsequent time deemed necessary by the code enforcement officer thereto, the hotel or motel shall be inspected by the code enforcement officer to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws regarding building codes and standards.  If the report of the code enforcement officer is to the effect that the place sought to be licensed, or currently licensed, is in compliance with the laws and ordinances, then the city clerk/treasurer may issue a license pursuant to this title, or renew a license pursuant to this title.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.040 Investigation of applicant.

The police chief shall investigate and ensure that no license shall be granted to any person who has been convicted of any felony or any violation of any liquor or controlled substances laws, or violation of any laws involving moral turpitude, to operate a hotel or motel within the city.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.050 License display.

A hotel or motel license shall be prominently displayed in the lobby or entrance to such hotel or motel.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.060 Additional reasons for revocation of license of hotel or motel.

In addition to the reasons outlined in Chapter 5.02, a business license for a hotel or motel may be revoked under Chapter 5.02 if gambling or lewd, boisterous, or disorderly conduct is permitted in or about any such hotel or motel.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.04.070 Liability.

Whenever a license as provided for in this chapter is issued to a firm or corporation, any member of such firm or any managing officer, agent, or employee of such firm or corporation shall, upon conviction of a violation of the provisions of this title, be liable in the same manner and subject to the same penalties as a principal.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)