Chapter 5.10


5.10.010    Definitions.

5.10.020    Fixed place of business required.

5.10.030    Compliance with Chapter 19.60 RCW required.

5.10.010 Definitions.

A.  “Pawnbroker” means every person engaged, in whole or in part, in the business of loaning money on the security of pledges of personal property, or deposits or conditional sales of personal property, or the purchase or sale of personal property.

B.  “Secondhand dealer” means every person engaged in whole or in part in the business of purchasing, selling, trading, consignment selling, or otherwise transferring for value, secondhand property including metal junk, melted metals, or precious metals, whether or not the person maintains a fixed place of business within the state.  Secondhand dealer also includes persons or entities conducting business at flea markets or swap meets, more than three times per year.

C.  The city also adopts those definitions found in RCW 19.60.010, and any subsequent amendments.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.10.020 Fixed place of business required.

No person may operate as a pawnbroker or secondhand dealer in the city of Wapato unless the person maintains a fixed place of business within the city.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.10.030 Compliance with Chapter 19.60 RCW required.

In addition to the licensing requirements set forth in this title, pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 19.60 RCW, and must comply therewith as a condition of maintaining their business license.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)