Chapter 5.18


5.18.010    Definitions.

5.18.020    License required.

5.18.030    Records to be kept by licensee.

5.18.040    Garbage control.

5.18.050    Unlawful transactions.

5.18.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

A.  “Flea market” means a site or location where new or used items are sold by two or more individual vendors, with each vendor operating independently from the other vendors.

B.  “Vendor” means a transient business, selling items or offering items for sale at a flea market.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.18.020 License required.

No person, firm or corporation shall rent or allocate space to vendors without first obtaining a license therefor.  No vendor shall sell or offer to sell items to the public except at a duly licensed flea market.  Only one license shall be required for each flea market, and the individual vendor shall not be required to obtain a license under this section.  The per diem assessment, if any, for each vendor shall be due and payable no later than the Tuesday immediately following the flea market held anytime during the previous week.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.18.030 Records to be kept by licensee.

Each person, firm or corporation required by this chapter to obtain a flea market license shall keep accurate records of the names and addresses of each and every vendor together with a brief description of the items offered for sale by that seller, and the dates upon which each seller engages in business at the flea market.  Such records shall be available for review by the city clerk/treasurer and/or the police chief during the flea market, and shall be kept and made available during the flea market.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.18.040 Garbage control.

Garbage receptacles shall be strategically located outside and of sufficient capacity to accommodate the vendors and numbers of the public in attendance.  In addition, the area shall be kept clean of rubbish, including but not limited to:  junk, waste paper, paper, plastic or styrofoam cups, sacks, bags, food, food or candy wrappers, napkins and other waste.  The license holder shall be responsible to keep the area clean.  The area to be kept clean shall include the grounds upon which the flea market is located together with the immediately surrounding sidewalks and streets.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.18.050 Unlawful transactions.

No person, firm or corporation shall sell or offer for sale at any flea market any items known or believed by such person, firm or corporation to be stolen.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)