Chapter 8.04


8.04.010    Supervisor appointment.

8.04.020    Installation and maintenance.

8.04.030    Permit required.

8.04.010 Supervisor appointment.

The mayor is authorized to appoint a supervisor for the inspection and control of alarm systems with power to invoke rules and regulations governing all installations and for the maintenance and care of the installations.  (Ord. 670(part), 1971)

8.04.020 Installation and maintenance.

Each owner shall pay for the installation of his own alarm system and shall be responsible for the maintenance and care of the installation so that same are properly operational at all times.  (Ord. 670(part), 1971)

8.04.030 Permit required.

Prior to the installation of any such equipment, a permit should be obtained from the city before same is installed and the installation and maintenance of the same shall be subject to inspection of the duly authorized inspector of the city.  (Ord. 670(part), 1971)