Chapter 8.36


8.36.010    Policy statement.

8.36.020    Drilling prohibited--Exceptions.

8.36.010 Policy statement.

The purpose of this chapter is to prohibit the drilling of future domestic and other groundwater wells within the city.  The city council has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the municipality that the uniform source of domestic water be made available to such citizens and residents.  That in order to protect the quality of water to all residents of the municipality, it is of primary importance that no additional wells be drilled or put to use within the corporate limits.  Furthermore, it has been the policy of the city council to base sewer charges upon the domestic water consumption.  Use of a separate private domestic water well will prejudice the accuracy of sewer billings.  In addition, a hazard exists where a property owner cross-onnects city domestic water with a private domestic well, which hazard can be reduced by the prohibition of future well drilling.  (Ord. 893 §1, 1990)

8.36.020 Drilling prohibited--Exceptions.

A.  Except as hereinafter provided, it is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to drill a domestic, irrigation, or other groundwater well within the limits of the city.

B.  The prohibition against drilling groundwater wells shall not apply to wells which are in compliance with the following conditions:

1.  The well depth shall not exceed one hundred fifty feet.

2.  The water pumped from the proposed well shall be used for irrigation purposes only.

3.  The area to be irrigated by the well water shall be in excess of five acres.

4.  There shall be no cross-connection between the well and the city’s water supply system.

5.  The applicant has submitted a written application, on such form as shall be provided by the public works director.

6.  The applicant has paid such filing fee as shall be set from time to time by resolution of the city council.

7.  The well shall be drilled, used and maintained in compliance with all applicable federal, state and tribal laws and regulations.  (Ord. 1007 § 1, 1996:  Ord. 893 §2, 1990)