Title 15


15.01    General Provisions

15.02    Adoption of Uniform Codes and Standards

15.04    Enforcement and Administration

15.08    Amendments to International Building Code

15.12    Amendments to International Residential Code

15.14    Amendments to International Mechanical Code and International Fuel Gas Code

15.16    Amendments to Uniform Plumbing Code

15.18    Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes

15.22    Amendments to International Fire Code

15.26    Amendments to the International Property Maintenance Code

15.30    Urban-Wildland Interface Code

15.32    Amendments to International Existing Building Code

15.34    Amendments to International Code Council PerformanceCode

15.40    Fees

15.44    Violations and Penalties

15.46    Appeals

15.48    Building Numbering

15.52    Flood Damage Prevention